Friday, October 11, 2013

Faithful Quiltalong Part 3

For those of you who have sent me the link or a photo I'm loving your versions!! Just remember, if you want to make 9 blocks for a full quilt, you can use this one as your test and then make 8 more....Easy Peasy...right?

Now we will add another plain border. Cut 2 strips 10 1/2" x 1 3/4". Add those to the opposite side of your block. The cut  2 more strips 13" x 1 3/4" and add to the other two sides. Press toward the border you just added.

Now we need more half square triangles. You can use the same method I showed you on the last one to make them with more variety. Maybe you have some stashed somewhere  in your sewing room- that's great! Trim them to 1 3/4" square. Sew together 10 of them and add to one side. Sew 10 more together and add that row to the opposite side.
Now stitch 12 hst together and add that to the third side and stitch 12 more for the final side! Whew! That's a lot of hst! (44!)  It is looking really cute huh??   Your block at this point should measure 15 1/2".

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my race. I have to say that Sunday and Monday I was feeling pretty rough. Tuesday and Wednesday were better and I made it out for a walk on Thursday. If I keep improving (and the weather stays decent) I may try to jog a slow couple of miles to keep my joints from getting too stiff. I think it is finally sinking in what I accomplished!

Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Yea! Quite the accomplishment, very proud of you! Good to hear you are improving, keep moving and you will be ready for the next adventure!
    My Faithful block is coming along, using HSTs from two projects. Planning to make more blocks with fabrics from other projects. Since I don't make clothing, no scraps to make a quilt to 'remember' like previous generations have done, this will be a great way to 'revisit' fabrics! Thanks for the great idea and QAL. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I found a little baggie with some 1 3/4" HSTs in it, but unfortunately, none of them are repro fabric, so I will have to make new ones. That's OK though as I have plenty of scraps and probably lots of repro triangles ready to put together and square up. What fun!

  3. The block is so cool and congrates again on Running A Marathon!!! I think you need to buy yourself some kind of special treat to celebrate! cheers,CW

  4. They would have to take me out and just shoot me if I ran that far, I still think its awesome what you accomplished! Maybe next year you can go to New York and run that one! That would be so cool or go to San Francisco and run the Bay to Breakers, that was fun too! Have a great weekend...

  5. Oh my! I need to get stitching on those half square triangles. This will be a one block wonder for me although the whole quilt is really lovely.

  6. I love all those hst's! I never get tired of them :0)

  7. I totally love HST, but I don't always love making them. Sometimes mine get a bit wonky and not on purpose. I still have to finish my medallion quilt. Not much sewing going on for me this year.

  8. I need to find those bigger HST's now. I have chosen my 6.5" block and have the HST's ready to sew on, Playing Catch-up!

  9. i'm pleased to say that i'm actually ready for this next bit of instructions and will be able to get them finished this weekend. :-D
    it's been fun and is turning out quite cute.

    glad to hear that you are recovering from your race. you'll be running every day again in to time.


    1. Oh Lori, almost looks like a "medallion"...absolutely love this block! I have most of those prints and colors too...YUMMY!!

      :) Carolyn

  10. Such a beautiful block! I "save" extra HSTs from other projects and this would be a great way to put them to use! Thanks!

  11. YAY i'm ready for the next round, just finished the HST's border.. boy all those HST's made my head spin and now i have to make another 44.. OH NO!!! I'll take it a little slower this time and not do them in one sitting LOL!! must say i'm really loving the look of this fun block :))) cheers... Marian

  12. This is wonderful! Love your vintage brights!

  13. can't wait to see all the quilts in the quilt along -

  14. Thank you. Yes, this was fun and quick. Not bad at all...just looks like it would be.



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