Monday, May 5, 2014

First Friday at Quiltworks

Despite a crazy, busy week I made it to Bend for First Friday at Quiltworks. It helps I was meeting friends for quilts and food afterwards. (Good company, always!)

The featured quilter was Linda Saukkonen. She shared quite a few quilts she had started in classes.

What a super way to use up scraps!!

The group quilts were by The Nimble Needlers.

Great map quilt exploring the routes of the Underground Railroad.

Adorable Little Bunny Foo-Foo!

My favorite quilt hanging at Quiltworks this month. It isn't my style but so darned adorable.
The details were amazing!!

I hope you enjoyed a little of the show. If you are in Bend, Oregon this month, please stop by and see them in person.

If you have not seen the doll sized quilts from the swap there are 48 wonderful quilts to to enjoy! If you do not have a blog and participated in the swap and do not see the quilt you made or received please let me know so I can post it.


  1. Love the little quilt show! Thank you! Linda's quilts are amazing!

  2. I always look forward to your post and pictures of the First Friday at Quiltworks - so many pretty quilts!

  3. These quilts are great! I like the green log cabin and the black and white one is nice too!

  4. My favorite of these quilts is the pots of flowers on the red background. Very whimsical.

  5. it was great running into you! Hope you girls had a wonderful night on the town!

  6. Wonderful show. Thanks for sharing.
    I just read older posts and saw your husband was hurt. I hope he is healing well and being patient with the progress. take care.

  7. Such lovely quitlts. I do love the last one, tiny town. The details are so sweet. Reminds me of my years making dollhouses and mini details for them.

  8. Beautiful quilts and I love the colors in the first one, such a happy piece.
    I did see the little quilts and they are all wonderful, small ones are such fun to make.


  9. Thank you for a great quilt show! I love to see what other quilters have done. "Tiny Town" is so sweet, so many cute little details! What was the finished size? I also like the first one with the whimsical potted plants!

  10. Can't tell if it is a log cabin on point, or a braid or what, but that green creation sure caught my eye!

  11. Beautiful quilts, add friends and dinner and I bet it was a blast!

  12. Love the colorful basket quilt especially. Great to have a constant source of inspiration.:)

  13. I look forward to your virtual quilt show every month. Thanks!

  14. wow what great quilts! I love the first one on the red background -


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