Monday, June 16, 2014

It is Monday!

The last time I used my sewing machine I was hemming a pair of my nephews navy pants for my FIL funeral. I did learn to do the blind hem stitch with foot 5 on my Bernina. It's been a surreal week and much, much harder than I thought it would be. It didn't help that yesterday was Father's Day.
I finally got a frame for the antique block with my initials that Laurie gave to me. I have it hanging up in my sewing room. Thanks again Laurie!

For the lack of my sewing I thought I'd show you one of my favorite vintage quilts. It's a funky free-form log cabin in my favorite colors.

Love baptist fans and especially large ones like this that go in every direction.

And a little sugar sack to sweeten the pot.

I hope to get back to sewing. I've let so much go that I'm trying to get caught up on paperwork and life.

Make it a great week!


  1. Same to you. Have a great week.

  2. You have had a rough couple months. Maybe you will find comfort in sewing again.

    I like your log cabin quilt very much. A touch of funky as you like so well. I have only come across one log cabin quilt in an antique shop in all the years I have looked at quilts. It was a wool one and no one working in the shop knew what the price was or who owned it to try and find out. Probably more than I had to spend.

  3. The quilt piece looks wonderful framed and I love that log cabin, that is my style too.


  4. Oh, I love your golden oldie beautiful wonderful quilt!! That is a lot of adjectives, huh....the close qulting is wonderful! Hope your week is peaceful and productive for what you want to accomplish.

  5. Mi deseo que pronto se recobre tu animo
    la costura ayudara seguro
    tu colcha log cabin preciosa
    buena semana para ti

  6. Praying for a calmer week for you and yours family. The baptist Fans must have been relaxing to quilt in all directions.

  7. What a difficult Father's Day that must have been for you. So sorry.
    You really could use some sewing therapy, couldn't you?
    I have a vintage log cabin quilt that is quilted with Baptist Fans, but it isn't nearly as nice as this one.

  8. I bet it was a difficult Father's Day for your family! I hope it gets easier. I love the framed block - it looks great! That log cabin quilt looks wonderful - my favorite colors too and the texture from the quilting is marvelous! I hope you find some stitching time this week :0)

  9. I'm sorry you are going through a difficult time. Holidays can be very bittersweet. Thanks for sharing the lovely log cabin. I hope you have time to comfort yourself with some stitching soon.

  10. The framed block is very sweet to have on the wall. Love the log cabin quilt too!

  11. Life is just hard sometimes. Love your log cabin quilt. The stitching is just fabulously quirky.:)

  12. I was thinking about you yesterday. Thanks for sharing some of your fab things. I too, love that log cabin and the fan quilting is amazing. Have a good week, and remember, it's one thing at a time. Big hugs to you.

  13. What a difficult time you have been through. How is Cory doing? The sewing will wait for you. Hugs

  14. The Log Cabin quilt is just wonderful! What a treasure! Your antique block in its frame is so sweet, what a great friend to send it to you. It has been a such a difficult time for you family, I hope with time things will get easier!

  15. Your log cabin quilt is great. It's a good reminder that anything goes.

  16. Love the antique block. I picked up a couple at a quilt show earlier this year and need to get them framed and hung, too.

  17. love that log cabin, I agree its a treasure. Love the colors too.
    framing the antique block was a great idea. what a thoughtful gift
    thanks for sharing

  18. Small steps will get you there too. No rushing.
    Love the log cabin. Do you know how old?
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. The antique block looks wonderful all framed up, such a sweet addition to your sewing room. That log cabin is wonderful, and the fan quilting is perfect! Things are bound to settle down for you. Sure has been a rough season - you're due for some smooth sailing for awhile!

  20. what a great LC quilt. I love those big fans. You'll be back into the groove soon


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