Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Flags of the American Revolution Quilt Construction

If you haven't started to assemble your Flags quilt, now would be a great time to start! I had a few pieces together and you can see them HERE.
Iron as you go.

Sew to the top of the eagle.
Then sew to the bottom.

Here's my signature block.
Attach blocks as shown.
Sew to the right side.
Keep sewing blocks together!
A few more.
Sew to the left side, but do not sew all the way to the crescent filler block.
Like this.
Then sew these blocks together.
Oops! I had to unsew this one. Sorry if I steered you wrong.
Sew this strip to the top.

 Make this strip.
Add it to the left side/
Add your Liberty crescent to the bottom of these two strips.
Now you can finish that partial seam.

Ta-da! Look how it is coming together!
Sew these blocks together.
And add that strip to the bottom.  Admire your hard work!

The book calls for a simple dark border. I haven't sewn mine on yet, but lets show everything you haven't shown- blocks or a top on  February 27th. 
I'm looking forward to seeing great blocks and tops!
This has been great and such a good way to get a quilt top done and have so much fun!


  1. Love it, Love it! And I LOVE your "Baskets of Blessings" in Primitive Quilts and Projects. I told them I loved it so much that you inspired me to get a subscription! I'm sure you noticed that they used your quilt to frame Mary Falcsik in her "ask Mom" column on page 102. Double exposure - super! Also there was a quilt in this issue by another great blogger, Kaaren Johnson (The Painted Quilt) from Nova Scotia. Great magazine and super quilt by you!

  2. Love this. Now I'm wishing i had done this.

  3. I agree with Michelle! I have the book, so I can do it later.

  4. Here is an awesome patriotic quilt !!

  5. I watched from the sidelines.... But no want to make it myself... What is name of book?

    1. It is called Flags from the American Revolution by Jan patek

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  7. I love the fabrics you have used!
    It will be a real beautiful quilt!
    ( I just couldn't sew a snake! :/ )
    Best wishes!

  8. Thanks for the great tutorial on putting the quilt together! I've got mine together but it was not without challenges! I've never seen a quilt put together like this!

  9. My top is together except for the narrow borders. Inserting that crescent block took some thought. I did it like you did I think

  10. I haven't trimmed blocks yet for sewing together. I am giving some thought to doing the pot holder method of quilting and construction.

  11. Dear Lori,
    looks so great, love your top.

  12. This is a very neat quilt. I love primitive and historical quilts. I will stop back by and see how it keeps evolving.

  13. so exciting to see these come together!! love your version - great colors as usual


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