Friday, February 20, 2015

Wool Applique

I finished this lovely piece this week!
 It's A Crock! by Primitive Pieces by Lynda. She has one of the best websites to scroll through (imnsho) Take some time to see what she creates. I love the name of her quilts too. I've done several of her patterns and have never been disappointed.
 Several moons ago I won a giveaway on her blog- any pattern, and this is what I chose.
 Once I actually opened it up and planned to wotrk on it, I realized it was larger than I had originally thought. I needed a big chunk of wool for the background and didn't ahve it.
What I did have was this gorgeous piece of tobacco colored silk matka fabric.  It isn't silk, like sheets or a fancy dress. It is soft but hardy enough to withstand wool being hand appliqued to it. It held up well, alhthough it does ravel a little. (or is that unravel?)

 I didn't have a big chunk of wool laying around for the backing either, but I did have some woolie flannel, which I think is perfectly acceptable for the backing.
 I couldn't be more happy with it. Thank you Lynda!
Designed by Maggie Bonanomi. I've done several of her patterns and love them! 

Click HERE to see more of my wool applique.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Dear Lori,
    this is beautiful, like the colors you picked, nice project.

  2. I haven't tried wool yet, but yours is wonderful.

  3. I love it! I really want to do more wool appliqué - I've done some pin cushions is all. But now, my sewing is going to severely limited because I have carpal tunnel syndrome and am going to start therapy soon. I will probably do some sewing, but mostly by machine. :-(

  4. Un trabajo precioso !!!
    como todos los que compartes
    buen fin de semana

  5. Great wool projects, Lori. I clicked the link and enjoyed scrolling through some of your past wool works.
    I just purchased some woolie flannel yesterday to back a wool project I just finished. I DID have a piece of wool to back it, but preferred to save it for another wool project. : )
    Did you finish the edge of the flannel in any way, or just cut it to fit and stitch them together?

  6. Great choice!! You did a wonderful job!!

  7. It turned out great Lori! Really like your fabric and color choices..

  8. Love this wool table runner ! Great job !

  9. That's a very cute wool quilt !
    Thank you for the link ! I didn't know this website and she has beautiful patterns !!

  10. Your Crocks are adorable. I bought this pattern recently but the design is too big for my plan. I have to rethink it
    Do you use a special thread for your wool stitching?

  11. I love using silk matka as background fabric for wool applique. It's got such a nice rich texture to it. And....good choice for using flannel for your backing. I would never waste a big piece of wool for the backing. I hoard my wool LOL Great job on the projects. Love the one Lynda designed.

  12. Both of the wool projects are wonderful! I love the primitive style--very charming.:)

  13. I'll have to check out silk matka, it looks lovely. Sometimes I'll baste some muslin around the edges of a piece it I find it unravelling then remove it after. I'll also cut it a bit bigger than suggested for that reason.

    Lovely job on both pieces Lori.

  14. Wow Lori, your have some great stuff just laying around. I really like your mat.

  15. I love your wool mat! I really like the wools you choose for the applique pieces! Have a great weekend!!

  16. OMG the CUTEST!! I love those crocks ;0

  17. It came out beautifully, I enjoyed making mine too but gifted it.
    I also like Maggie's designs and fun to do simple and prim.


  18. Lots of super cute wool projects, Lori! The silk matka makes a great background for those wonderful crocks!

  19. Lori, it came out great!!! Love it!

  20. I absolutely love the last photo. So simplistic but pretty. What is the name of the pattern?

  21. What a good choice of background for Lynda Hall's design. A nice summer piece. I am very drawn to the Maggie B. design you put together. A simple look in the neutral colors.

  22. That really is a lovely piece. I think the background works very well. Thank goodness for the stash.

  23. Beautiful job! I always admire those who do things I can't! LOL


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