Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Quilt Label Winner

Happy St Patrick's Day! My Grandmother's maiden name was McNees and her ancestors came from Cootehill, County Cavan, Ireland in the 1750's. I'm celebrating my distant heritage today!

I'm surprised at how many of you do not label you quilts. I just made a label yesterday for a larger quilt and took photos as I did. It is easy and we should all be labeling one way or the other. Thanks for your input! 

Only one person will win the package of labels, but Pam has let us all be winners by offering 10% off any order- enter coupon  code "save10" Thank you Pam!

She can make the font smaller and add more info as well. (up to 4 lines!) If you aren't sure what she can do, just ask and I'm sure she'll reply quickly. 

The label winner from mountain Street Arts is :
Rebecca, who wrote:
I finely started labeling my quilts about 3 years ago... Sometimes with more information then others but always with the month and year.

Thank you all who took time to enter; Visit Mountain Street Arts HERE


  1. Thanks for the labeling plug! As a quilt historian I get so frustrated sometimes wondering about the history of a certain quilt. Although research can be fun, let's make it easier for future historians and label out quilts. I'll be ordering some from Pam today.

  2. Congrats Rebecca ! Thank you Pam ! ;)
    Happy St Patrick for you ! (imagine that I wrote it in green !! ^^)

  3. I label everything. I didn't enter the giveaway, but it was interesting to read some of the comments about labeling.
    Nothing fancy for me--I don't want labeling to be a burden or I won't do it. As Bonnie H. recommends, I just keep a pile of neutral squares in varying sizes near my ironing board and as I prep the binding I choose a size of label, based on how much info I need to write. I press it into a triangle, pin it onto a back corner, and it gets stitched on as the binding is attached. Bonnie inspired me with this method years ago and it has made me a dedicated labeler! : )
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  4. Cootehill is just 16 miles away! Happy St Patrick's Day!


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