Monday, April 27, 2015

Doll Quilt Swap- Final Call and Rules

DAR Collection
If you haven't signed up yet for the doll quilt swap and have been meaning to, now would be a good time to do it. I will close signups Tuesday evening or Wednesday and send out your partner names no later than Wednesday night.
The less rules the better, but here are a few needed ones:

Fabric: 1775-1910 is a wide span of time but that is what we are looking for. Look HERE if you are unsure what reproduction fabric is.
We are not using 1920's-Current
Not primitive style, like Jan Patek, or cutesy like some of Primitive Gatherings or Joined at the Hip. (which I love, just not for this swap)
We want the quilt to look like it time traveled from days past.

  • Hand or machine quilting is fine. Quilted with a few ties is fine. Ties only is not.(please no yarn)
  • Please attach a label and add a note so the recipient knows who to thank.
  • Thank the person who sent you a quilt. 
  • If the workmanship is very poor and it looks like it was done very unthoughtfully I want to know and I'd like to see photos. 
  • We will have a linky party so we will be able to see all the little quilts!

  • Any more questions, please ask. Have a wonderful day!

    The swap is now closed!


    1. Sounds great! I can't wait to see who I get to make a quilt for! Thanks for doing this.

    2. Thanks for sharing some examples. I'm checking selvages and making sure the fabrics are from the right era. Is Muslin ok for the background?

    3. I'm going to jump in again, Lori! Please add me to the swapper list.

    4. Hello Lori !
      I'm back from Paducah and please...I'm in !!! :)
      Thank you for this swap !

    5. Sending you my address today! Please add me to your swapper list...thanks so much!!!

    6. I would love to participate too!

    7. Thanks for the details, looking forward to a fun swap!

    8. I'd love to do it again. This will be my second year and maybe the beginning of a tradition! Please add my name to your list.

    9. Oh no did I miss it! I have been in Paducah all week and just got home.........I'd like to join in :0)

      Happy Sewing!

    10. Before I agree to join in......may I ask what size a finished doll quilt is? Did I miss that somewhere? Congrats on the pups finding their forever homes!

    11. If I'm not too late, I'd like to do the swap. I had fun the last time and would love to swap again!


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