Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Doll Quilt Swap is Now Closed

We have 71 quilters participating in the swap!! Thank you all who joined. You should have received an email from me with the person you are sending to. If you did not,  please contact me.

If you want to see the quilts from last years swap and get some ideas HERE is the link.

I will repeat the rules here so they are in one place. 
Please take the time to make a quilt that you'd like to receive. 

24" x 24" or smaller. (It doesn't have to be square), Civil War reproductions, a label, with a deadline of mailing by May 30th.  

Fabric: 1775-1910 is a wide span of time but that is what we are looking for. Look HERE if you are unsure what reproduction fabric is.
We are not using 1920's-Current
Not primitive style, like Jan Patek, or cutesy like some of Primitive Gatherings or Joined at the Hip. (which I love, just not for this swap)
We want the quilt to look like it time traveled from days past.

  • Hand or machine quilting is fine. Quilted with a few ties is fine. Ties only is not.(please no yarn)
  • Please attach a label and add a note so the recipient knows who to thank.
  • Thank the person who sent you a quilt. 
  • If the workmanship is very poor and it looks like it was done very unthoughtfully I want to know and I'd like to see photos. 

  • We will have a linky party so we will be able to see all the little quilts!

  • I've got a good start on my quilt. Let's have fun!
    Happy Wednesday.


    1. 63, Wow! I can't wait to begin mine and send it off. Thanks again for organizing this. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful little quilts.

    2. Looking forward to seeing all the little quilts...

    3. Hi Lori, I sent you an email saying that I would like to participate, but did not receive an email back from you???

    4. Got my email and I'm excited to get started! Yay.

    5. Darn! That's what I get for going on vacation! If someone can't do it, please consider me!!!!!

    6. can't wait to see the results!!!

    7. Yay!! Lori, I'm so excited to be part of this years' swap too.. i can't waiting to get sewing :)) cheers, Marian

    8. I went back to the link you gave for last year's doll quilts swap pictures. So many different designs. Interesting to see all of them. Such creativity.

    9. Vous avez une bonne idée,les petits quilts sont très beaux.Mais malheureusement trop loin pour pouvoir participer.Cathy

    10. Vous avez une bonne idée,les petits quilts sont très beaux.Mais malheureusement trop loin pour pouvoir participer.Cathy

    11. Hi Lori I sent an email to you but have not received one from you regards Lyn (O'faigh)


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