Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stars and Samplers

Here are my Stars in a Time Warp blocks from last week. Obviously purple was the theme.

The next block for the Ohio sampler is the Tree of Life. 
I found this block online and used it to design a pattern for my sampler. The tree of life can be a complicated and varied pattern.
Here's the applique block for the sampler. 

I mentioned I didn't particularly care for my drunkards path. Maybe if I make it more like this one i'd like it better! Lol

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. love your stars! I'm not a DP fan either - ever made one
    beautiful applique block!

  2. Your tree block looks much easier to piece than the pattern in the book. Your Ohio Rose block is very pretty in the fabrics you chose. The red looks sort of like a bandana print.
    The Drunkard's Path block in the antique quilt looks like someone was a bit tipsy either when they made it or tried to make it fit into the quilt.

  3. Too funny about the drunkards path. I really like your appliqued block. Your purple stars and tree are nice too. Can't wait to see the next post.

  4. I looove your stars ! And I looove your tree of life !! And your appliqué block is wonderful....
    Well .. I love all your production today ! ^^

  5. Loving the purple stars. Can never get enough of repro purples.
    I really like that interpretation of the TOL block.
    That should be the standard by which all Drunkard's Path blocks are judged--truly lives up to the name! : )
    Very pretty applique block!

  6. Love your purple stars - and you have a foulard in there too. Two birds with one block! And, I especially like your applique block.

  7. I am loving all your blocks...the tree of life has always been a bug a boo for me :)

  8. Your purple stars look great! I am also participating in the Stars in a Time Warp - I need to post my stars. Thanks!

  9. I have some of that Purple fabric in the Right Star. My Favorite color!!! Your Sampler Tree is perfect in Green.

  10. I need to get some stars done, it just seems to be pushed to the back of the table on a regular basis. Hmmm
    Love you appliqued block,

  11. I love the Tree of life block - yours looks great as does your applique block. This is going to be such an interesting and beautiful quilt!!

  12. Love the tree of life blocks! And I think the drunkards path block looks wonderful all wonky like in the sampler. What a great idea to remember for the future.:)

  13. preciosos bloques!!!
    las telas verdes maravillosas

  14. The lesson to learn from the DP block is if it doesn't fit, just wack it off. Great purple blocks. That was a fun color to work with and your Applique is lovely. Great work all around.

  15. A large scale tree of life quilt it on my to do list! Love that one with it's cute sturdy trunk!

  16. All your applique and piecing work are beautiful.

    I am not a fan of the DP block, but there are other ways to place them that I prefer "the dove" or the other one where all the quarter circles are placed in the middle to make a ball.
    Carole Y

  17. All your blocks are lovely, Lori.


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