Friday, June 26, 2015

 Many of you agreed about the rushing of everything these days. If you were one of the ones who mentioned the quilting, I didn't take offense, AT all! I'm not easily offended. Please continue to leave comments and offer your 2 cents.
Sharon summed up my feelings precisely. She wrote: Worrying about what comes next steals the pleasure of the now, both in life and in quilting. 

Here is an antique star that I appliqued onto a linen French General backing. 
I have been considering the quilting on this one and decided simple lines was what I wanted to do. If you click on it you can see the lines I drew with the frixion pen. I plan on working on it this weekend.
Doesn't our dog look relaxed? It was fairly early morning and he was enjoying the shade. His two leg surgeries are catching up with him and he is showing his age. 

I actually take quite a few photos of our dog Porter. Here's my Instagram feed in case you missed it this week.

We are heading to the mountains for our first camping weekend this year. They are going to be few and far between, so we need to get away while we can.
I hope your weekend is fantastic!


  1. I am planning to devote a large portion of my summer break to living in the moment :). Nice to have a small quilt to take a long on your camping weekend

  2. Unusual star! Is it very large? I always enjoy your instagram page. Porter looks so mellow, what a sweetie.

    LOL I just got an email from a fabric resource, an ad:"Only SIX months til Christmas!" LOL LOL

  3. What a great star! Love the old fabrics.:) I think that's part of why I like hand quilting, it's very hard to rush anything!

  4. Love love love your star !! What a great work Lori !
    Your dog is so sweet and as Liz, I love to see it on IG !

  5. The red center on the star draws the eye in. Nice piece. I like that you are doing something with it instead of the star just laying in a drawer.

  6. I think what you are doing with the star looks good. I always overthink and complicate projects and simple is usually better--and more likely to get done!

  7. I like the straight lines. Hope it won't be too hot where you go camping!. It is very hot here.

  8. love the star...and that you saved it from being folded up somewhere, lol Porter looks totally chill!

  9. so enjoy pictures of porter. thank you for sharing him. enjoy the camping trip, a little hand quilting by the camp fire sounds lovely.

  10. so enjoy pictures of porter. thank you for sharing him. enjoy the camping trip, a little hand quilting by the camp fire sounds lovely.

  11. Love what you did with that antique star. Ah, yes quilting and camping, what could be better! Enjoy your time away!

  12. porter sure knows a good thing! hope the camping was fun - I'm so behind on blog reading!!


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