Friday, August 21, 2015

Quilt Show part 2

Thank you all for your kind comments and generosity is giving in various ways. I've been dealing with some unpleasant things dealing my mom (hope to get it squared away soon) and have been extra slack at emailing you back on comments. Just know I read and treasure every comment left. 
I haven't done much sewing so I thought I'd show a few more quilts from the show.

 How cool is this?! Miners. One of my favorites that wasn't a red and white quilt.
 How about this one? Wow! How'd they do that?!
 I absolutely adore these vintage photos on the vintage sacks. 
Ahhhh, so precious!!
Here's a few more red and white quilts from the special exhibit.

My instagram feed this week.

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends.


  1. awesome quilts! thanks for sharing - have a great weekend

  2. Usually, the red and white quilts (or blue) have gorgeous quilting !! I love to admire them !
    Thank you for sharing !
    I hope your mom will spend a quite week end and so, you too !
    Hugs !

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos. All the best to your mother. Have a great weekend.

  4. Some great quilts! I don't know how quilters do those pictures with fabric quilts. I doubt I'll ever try it - but you never know!

  5. The red and white star quilt is quite eye-catching. The miners quilt fantastic. Nothing I could do for sure. The black and white certainly suits what you think of with a coal mine.

  6. Thanks for sharing this very cool quilts! Warm thoughts your way as you navigate things with your mom. Caregiving is so hard.

  7. Loved seeing the quilts. Hope your Mom is ok.

  8. I never tire of seeing these RED & White Quilts. Hope you can rest and know that we are all praying for peaceful solutions for you and your mom. She looks so happy eating her ice cream.

  9. prayers to you for dealing with your Mom. It has gone on so long for you & it just drains your emotions. Love her for who she was & knowing you are giving her the best ending you can. It changes every day & you just have to try your best. Prayers from a person who walked in your shoes (and learned a lot from you posting about your experiences). My Mom just wasn't in the best physical shape, or I would still be here. Good Luck & hang in there. The dresses I have seen people sending in are darling. You are a special & giving person.

  10. Your mom looks so happy eating her ice cream. Hang on to the happy moments...praying for you and your mom!

  11. Beautiful quilts! And red and white ..... Always gets me.... so special.


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