Monday, August 31, 2015

Quiltworks Exhibit

Unfortunately I haven't made it to a First Friday event at Quiltworks all summer. But I asked Randy if we could meet here before lunch because I wanted to see the quilts.  Ruth Golden Ingham, talented quilter from Black Butte Ranch, was the featured quilter. She lived in Saudi Arabia for 16 years and has traveled extensively. The quilts she shred here are all inspired by those travels.

 This one was inspired by a fire that came very close to her home a few years ago.
The group exhibit was from the Redding Sew-ciety guild from CA.  depicting CA state parks. The quilts are nothing short of amazing and I didn't mind seeing them again. (I saw them at a quilt show in Portland previously) 

These are just a small sampling of quilts from the exhibit. If you are ever in Bend I'd encourage you to stop by and check out the quilts on display at Quiltworks.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Very interesting! I love the redwood tree quilt with the bears.

  2. Ruth's quilts are very intense with this gold colour is in every quilt .....thank you for the photos !

  3. Glad you got to squeeze in a visit to see these great quilts!

  4. I love that you and I go to the same quilt show and we post different pictures!! You put quilts that I didn't even notice! So it's great that we are both there. Thanks for a great afternoon!

  5. Thanks for sharing the quilts! That fire quilt is very intense!

  6. Oh, wow. Some amazing quilts here.
    I just noticed that last one of Avenue of the Giants. Took our kids there once on a vacation and then came on up the Oregon Coast--Coos Bay, Honeyman State Park, Newport (ate at Mo's), Yaquina--just a few places I recall.

  7. I never would have thought to use that chevron fabric for the native's skin for the one quilt but it works very well.

  8. That was a great exhibit! I especially loves Ruth's work and how she incorporated travel. I took some pictures of some favorites for future inspiration.

  9. What a great fire quilt! So much emotion.

  10. inspiring quilts - thanks Lori!


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