Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Stars and Dresses

We are shorthanded at our business and I'm having to fill in. Boy this is really cutting into my sewing time!! LOL I'm hoping for a new employee soon. I see a lot of help wanted signs, but unemployment numbers are still up. Do people not want to work? 

 Later turkey reds, I think.  This is an old print.
 More dresses received! Thank you Ruth and Barb,  
 Sharon and Nancy.  (If you see your dress and I have not acknowledged you, kindly let me know. I've lost my paper with last weeks names)
This is a tall suitcase almost full! I am going to put them in space bags but not until a few days before I leave .

Thank you all! Love to you on a lovely fall feeling kind of day.


  1. I am acquainted with a man that went unemployed for a couple of years, despite offers of work, because it wasn't what he wanted to do. Meanwhile, his poor wife and five kids muddled through. Maddening!!
    Hope you can find someone to fill your spot soon, and get back to your own routine--especially at the sewing machine. : )
    Fun to see the variety of dresses. Do you have a count?

  2. It's exciting to see the dresses rolling in! I see one of mine in the suitcase.

  3. Quilters are very full of kindess ! Dresses ! A lot of dresses !! That's wonderful.... :)
    Love your star ! Week after week, I guess it's not evident to find the good fabric !! What a great challenge for us !

  4. Such a variety of prints used in all the dresses you have received. Some girls are going to be very happy.

  5. they look so beautiful hanging on the line!!

  6. Hope you find someone to fill your spot soon so you can get back to your machine! More pretty dresses - fun seeing all the different versions! Your turkey red is a great print!

  7. You're definitely going to need a larger suitcase to bring all those dresses!! How awesome!! And I love the turkey red star block!! What's with the weather?? Where'd summer go?

  8. Such a lovely block, can you share what are the measurements of the block and triangles also square at corners? I dont do strip anything so I use templates. Thanks so much.

    1. You do not have a profile or an email associated with your comment, so I hope you check back to see this answer. Here is the rotary cutting directions. If I want a template, I cute it out on paper first.

    2. YES!! thank you. I was not aware of the profile thing thanks will check it out ,

  9. Yeah, I think they wanna work but only for big bucks!!! They don't want the menial low paying jobs. I shipped off two dresses today.

  10. Oh I would so work for you and you would be pleased for sure. I am in Ohio and you Oregon so that will not work. Jobs are surpressed here and any I could get would want me to work weekends. Church is not negotiable for me. Hubby works so we are doing fine. Good luck finding the quality of worker you need.

  11. Thank you so much for the opportunity to help the girls of Bolivia.


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