Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Stars and Dresses

Just in time for today's Stars in a Time Warp. 
 The fabric is a bit washed out in the photo but I was going for the dun color in the light. Faded synthetic dyes was last weeks. Looks like trailing vines too!
 Adorable dresses in a row.....
    Thank you Synthia, Carline, Martha.......
Betsy and Joan! The dresses are amazing and will make some little girls happy. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to those who have sent money as well. It is all going to help the poor of the poor! Please don't feel any pressure to send money when you send dresses though.

I've been under tremendous stresses with my mom's situation. Hospice was a nightmare and after 6 weeks of ineptitude I was able to change to a different hospice. I leave for France and the European Patchwork in Alsace in 17 days and didn't want to be fretting and worrying about her care the whole time. I still may worry a bit but not as much. Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. great toile star and wow! what a great group of dresses.
    I'm glad you're feeling better about your mom's situation. Wow! France - how awesome Lori. Are you speaking? teaching?

  2. Your stars are beautiful. I love your toile! I've picked out the fabrics for the little dresses, now I just need to find time to stitch them together. I love seeing them all lined up! I do hope things will run smoothly for your mom now so that you can enjoy your time in Europe!

  3. So many dresses! Great! I have 3 almost finished. You are one traveling lady!

  4. You have received so many of the dresses! Maybe when you pack for the trip, you can count how many there are in all.

  5. It's wonderful to hear you've found a better hospice for your mom is in a very nice facility and still I fret...

    all the dresses you've been receiving are'll be blessed to see the smiling faces when passing them out...thanks for all you do...

  6. Great Toile! and to see so many dresses, thanks to all! Good news for mum and you.

  7. Beautiful stars!
    I start on dresses today. A rainy day perfect for staying home to sew.
    So glad you have been able to resolve a bad situation with your Mom. No need to put up with "care" that isn't really.

  8. Your Star collection is growing. I found Toile while I was Rowing, I need to get mine sewn up! I'm happy your found a better place to care for your Mom.

  9. What a wonderful collection of dresses - they are sure to bring smiles and much joy :0) I'm glad you were able to move your mom. What an awesome trip to look forward to!

  10. So glad you found a situation that's better for your mom. Sad that they aren't all great. Your mom is blessed to have you!! Wonderful group of dresses - love seeing them on your line! Wonderful toile!!

  11. Wonderful that you were able to get your mom's situation a little better under control before you have to leave.:)

  12. Pretty stars as usual Lori...and you received lovely dresses !!

  13. Love your stars!! I'm curious how you defined faded dyes.... Looking forward to our lunch tomorrow. I'll give you a donation!!


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