Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Alsace Region of France- Photo Gallery

I was organizing some quilt show photos to post and thought I'd post some of the random photos I took. My daughter was the driver of our rental so I got to take a lot of photos!
These are all in the area of Alsace. 

We thought the ends of the buildings were very interesting. If anybody knows why they are different and patterned I'd love to know.
So much of the quilt show is modern and art quilts displayed in these amazing churches. 
I live on the west coast of USA and do not see these gorgeous stained glass. 

 So beautiful!

The door on the right was the entrance to our apartment. The dwarf door on the left was storage for laundry,  bicycles, and supplies. 

I found it interesting that many restaurants look like they had added toilets. These were separated by a thin wall and had a shared washing space. 

 Alsace is also the wine region of France  having its own "wine route" to drive. We tested many varieties!

Quilt show photos tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for sharing--I'm enjoying the tour!

  2. Your photos makes me want to go to France!

  3. In Alsace, we call these houses "maisons a colombages". It's just typical of this region.
    All the roofs are made in wood and are very fragile when it's snowing ! (And it snows a lot in winter !) So the snow don't stay on the roof...
    Thank you for the photos !!

  4. What a beautiful place! I love the stained glass windows :0) Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  5. Hi Lori,beautiful pictures of Alsace, would love to visit one day. My mother lives in Brittany & they also slate the gables of their house, this protects against the elements & cuts down on painting maintenance.
    Gisele aka Jersey Quilter

  6. What a beautiful place to visit and so nice that you could share the experience with your daughter.


  7. All my European travel is vicarious! Thanks for the peek at Alsace :)

  8. Oh my, what lovely photos of a beautiful part of France, i really would love to visit Alsace. Lovely memories of a special time traveling with your daughter :)) cheers... Marian

  9. aaahhhh , thanks for the mini vacation this morning with my coffee - lovely shots Lori

  10. Love the photos! I especially like the ones of the stained glass windows and of the Blessed Mother with the Baby Jesus. What memories you and your daughter will have. Thank you Lori!

  11. What fun to travel with your daughter! It looks like you are making the most of it! The quilt pix are fabulous thaks for taking the time to post ! cheers!

  12. Lori, I love the pictures you took and your observations! Looks like you two had a very special trip!

  13. Lovely pictures! I really should go to the St. Marie quilt festival one day. Isn't funny how toilets are so different everywhere? I just cannot get used to that lack of privacy in US toilets, so strange to me...

  14. a great trip!! a beautiful country!

  15. You covered a lot of ground in a few days!


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