Friday, October 30, 2015

Aurora Quilt Show Part 2

One quilt really caught my eye this year at the quilt show. 

 It was one of the more humble quilts being displayed.

 And this was the back of it!
 I always enjoy the herb garden.
Architectural selvage is one huge space we like to wonder through.
On our way home we drove by this dahlia farm and I had to snap a photo. Where I live in Zone 5 dahlias need to be dug up every year in winter. 

I saw a sign for a historic ferry so we went to take a look. 
Not only was it interesting ferry holding a whopping 4-6 cars, it was a beautiful day on the river!!

Love to you all!


  1. Beautiful humble quilt--love the way the quilter made the stripes work together. Looks like a wonderful drive with all the flowers and ferry

  2. Stunning quilt visually! Loved seeing it and would love to make one just like it! And the back was wonderful~!

  3. Oh, I love that first quilt too! Funky like me! I would love to go through the architectural selvage store. Sounds dangerous for me though.

  4. Oh my, what gorgeous humility! Riding that little ferry is always a hoot. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous fall photos.

  5. The antique quilts are so interesting and humble! Love them. Next year I need to go back to this show, I'll meet you there! These kind of ferries are fun. There's one between Dayton and Salem for just $2 and I have crossed there a few times. When I found out about it, I HAD to take it across the river!

  6. What an absolutely fantastic quilt!!! Thanks for sharing! Which river? Would it be the same river in which the Colonists crossed? In Jane Fitzpatrick's books, there are so many events staged around the river!

    Blessings and hugs!

  7. Thanks for the post. Brought back memories of our visit to Aurora this past spring. Need to go for the quilt show next time.
    Love the humble quilt.


  8. Wow! That is one wonderful quilt. I'm putting that one on my list of someday to-dos. Beautiful day. I'll have to go to that show some year.

  9. Incredible version of a kaleidoscope quilt. Love the way the maker used the different widths in the striped pieces for more visual interest.
    What a backing.
    This looks like a beautiful place in which to wander!
    We have to dig up Dahlias, too--or watch them freeze. : )

  10. What a great quilt - full of quirks :0) I love the ferry pictures - fun! I live in zone 2 so a whole field of Dahlias would be a sight to see - beautiful!

  11. Love that quilt. So much energy and interesting fabric combinations!

  12. That is one fabulous humble quilt - don't you wish you could meet its maker??

  13. What a cool quilt--and two sided! The pattern baffles me, usually I can look at a quilt and see how the parts went together. It s pretty wonderful

    Love the places you went to, that ferry is so cute, if a little scary.

  14. That first quilt is very humble but also very graphic, wow!

  15. love that old quilt...amazing how much work when into creating this beauty! I have got to check out that ferry.


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