Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Charitable Quilts, Dresses and Giveaway Winner

I hope you were able to spot a dress or two that you had donated! I found a few more pillowcase dress photos so I thought I'd post them in the hopes you'd recognize one.

I'm trying to get some quilt tops out of my sewing room and have 2 I do not want to quilt or finish. Does anybody have a charity they work with that would like my tops?

And, while we are on the topic the winner of the book is #24 Linda O!! Monique has generously offered to send out a new book to the winner. Please send me your mailing address and I'll let her know it.

Thank you all who have given generously! I made a donation to my shoe shine boy's family for some food and warm clothing and Faith Seeds,  who was started by my friend Gaby, who works with kids in the garbage dumps in Guatemala.

Love you all!


  1. Just about all tops can be worked for a charity. I am interested in finishing them.

  2. Doesn't matter that I didn't see my dresses in any photos. I just love seeing those smiling faces!
    I'm backed up with a couple of tops that need quilting for a local women's shelter, so I am glad Liz is willing and able to do them. : )

  3. Yup, I agree, it's ALL about those smiles!! Well done, Lori...and elves!

  4. I have time to quilt a top for charity as well. No need to send backing or batting, I have it all. Just let me know if you are sending and I'll email you when it arrives. Love seeing all those cute little girls getting their dresses, how fabulous.

  5. More fantastic pictures of your trip - all those smiling faces!! I also have a couple tops that I need to move out of the sewing room. Woo-hoo! No. 24 is a lucky number! :) Thank you, Lori!!!

  6. Lori , they look so sweet. As a child I remember the feeling when I was bought a new dress so these girls must have been thrilled.
    Well done you and love to your shoe shine boy family.

  7. These are lovely photos !! Thank you for sharing and congrats to Linda !!

  8. another touching post! I saw my friend, Nancy's cute dress on a sweet girl - I just love seeing these!


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