Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Musings

 Here's my finished wool applique piece designed by Buttermilk Basin and was in the current winter issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.

The next few photos I found and had not posted yet. They were kind gifts sent to me recently. Thank you all so much!!
 Hmmm, wonder where this could be from? beautiful!
Fun batiks!
 Some of you saw this on Facebook. While I was finishing dinner preparations I was called out to the living room and met with THIS! LOL  I love my family's sense of humor!
 I couldn't resist this photo op of my hubby and brother tying on the apron. 
 A little after dinner fun!
Porter doesn't like his photo taken. He likes the snow, but not when it is too cold! LOL

Have a quilty week!


  1. Fun post, Lori always enjoy your blog. Love your prim tablemat you just finished!


  2. Your family looks like a fun bunch!

  3. Wonderful finishes and it looks like you had a wonderful time with your family.


  4. The snowman kind of looks like a white pumpkin! You could display him from Halloween through March! I think I might know who sent you the darling tiny quilt. Men look so cute in aprons, don't they?

  5. Sweet! Not only do they have a good sense of humor, but it shows us just how many wonderful quilts you have finished. They are all beautiful - and of course your family is too.

  6. What a fun family portrait! It's great to see so many of your quilts all at one time. They make a beautiful collection, especially with those smiling faces!

  7. It's always fun to admire men cooking..... lovely post Lori and I love the photo with all your family draped in your quilts !!

  8. I just might have to trace that snowman basket pattern and start stitching it. Love her designs, yours is lovely.

  9. Nice that your family plays along just fir fun with your quilts. Great picture.

  10. Nice that your family plays along just fir fun with your quilts. Great picture.

  11. Your family is too cute! And your quilts are wonderful!

  12. That s a scary snowman,lol! Porter looks like such a sweetie. I love how dogs have to snuffle up that strange white stuff AKA snow.
    And wonderful funny beautiful family photo.

  13. Great finish on the wool project.
    I love that tiny quilt, of course. : )
    Looks like there are fun times when your family gets together!

  14. Love the teeny tiny quilt! So much fun to see your family with all the quilts! The hats and quilts combo just make me laugh. Maybe a new style?:)

  15. That quilt is tiny! Love your families sense of humor and glad your hubby isn't afraid to help in the kitchen

  16. My company leaves tomorrow. Then I can get into the closet with the wool and see if I can make this snowman wool project. I like yours very much.

  17. Lovely fun time with your family! Love your tiny quilt gift!


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