Friday, November 20, 2015

November Inspirations* Small Quilts

Quiltworks First Friday was showcasing a variety of small quilts. Here are the ones I liked the best.

 I loved the background fabric on this one. What great texture!

 Close up of the boat in the above quilt. Simple up close, but super effective in the quilt overall.

 This was miniature- super tiny!
 A wool piece- patriotic- my fav!

 By Kristen Sheilds, started in a class with Bumble Beans,  Victoria Findlay Wolfe. I don['t "do" modern, but greatly admire both of these quilters.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you for all the offers of flannel. I was able to get some today and it should be enough to finish the top.


  1. The canyon scene is a good art piece. Creative mind at work.

  2. I don't do Modern much either. I admire all the work that goes into the scenery quilts. Great ones you chose to share. Those tiny bear paws, OH MY!

  3. Quiltworks does a wonderful monthly show. It's a great idea and I appreciate you sharing some of your faves for those of us who don't live near by.

  4. Love the broken plate and how the quilting plays into the design. Some very tiny piecing in a couple of them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ooo, I loved them all!! Beautiful and thanks for sharing!

  6. Hard to tell how mini these are, but they are all great!

  7. The broken plate is very clever. It would fit in well for a dining room, as a warning to be careful. : )
    Oh, those little plaid bear paws blocks have me gasping for breath!
    And that tiny quilt hanging over the fence is so clever.

  8. WOW! Those are some beautiful quilts--great collection. Thank you for sharing

  9. Don't do modern quilts too but I recognize that some of them are amazing ! Like this broken plate......
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos !

  10. I look forward to seeing the show at Quiltworks next week! Thanks for sharing what you saw!

  11. I just love that your local store does this first Friday event. What a great way to support quilt makers.

  12. That first quilt really pulled me in and also that modern Dresden! Such a great idea to have a 'free' quilt show every month. I bet it's hard not to buy a fat quarter or two whenever you go in too. Smart marketing.:)

  13. I was totally drawn to the first quilt - the colors, the fabric texture, the design - fabulous! The other quilts are just lovely, too!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Those itty bitty bear paws...swoon!


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