Monday, November 23, 2015

Stitchin' on the Weekend

It was a cold and foggy day most of the day on Sunday. Good day to stay in and prep a little stitching and clean house before the holidays. 

 I found this cute free primitive pattern on Notforgotten Farms. I had this great piece of  Moda toweling that is perfect for stitching on. Check it out HERE. I usually find these in the remnant section of Fabric Depot and seriously pick them up for a few cents. They are seamed on both sides and I just trim it even and sew a small hem and use them as napkins or towels, depending on the size.
After looking at the finished piece I realized I needed to add a few needles to my feather tree. I think it looks better.

I started this cute piece this weekend too,. It was in the latest issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects and was designed by Buttermilk Basin.

It looks like winter has shown up for several of you. We may get a little snow later in the week. I hope it is after Thanksgiving so my kids will be able to make it home.

Have a fantastic Monday!!


  1. That reminds me that I picked up some stuff to do a snowman on wool last year. I need to dig that pit!

  2. Adorable. And you are right, the extra needles are perfect.

  3. I like the feather tree on the toweling. Makes a good prim background for the stitchery.
    I had forgotten about that snowman design. After our company leaves and I can get back into the guest room closet and dig out wool, I would like to make one of those.

  4. Wonderful projects and i do like making feather trees, they are fun to stitch.
    I still need to make things from the magazine, behind as always.


  5. The added "needles" on the branches are good. Great idea for pieces of toweling!

  6. The needles do make all the difference! So cute and what a clever idea. I like the wool project too, that's going to fun. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family Lori!

  7. Love those needles on your tree! Very sweet. It's a great prim. looking pattern!

  8. Yup, the needles are a very good addition. Sweet design.
    Stacy's designs are very recognizable, aren't they? : )

  9. One tree is deciduous and the other is evergreen! GREAT job!! Snow is in the forecast here in Sunriver!

  10. Cute projects, so fun. I love the prim little tree and the snowman makes me smile. I hope you don t have snow, or that it arrives after your kids get home. Happy Thanksgiving!


  11. Love that tree! And on that fabric too, it is perfect! You are all so lucky in the US to have shops like Fabric Depot (and also Jo-Ann's), wonderful to be able to have such large selections and find these wonderful bargains..... that really look very special.

  12. what's house cleaning? lol love the wool project

  13. Wonderful projects! I'm going to have to keep an eye out for towling..lucky you to find the remnants!


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