Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday Fun

So much for no snow. It may be a more quiet Thanksgiving than I would like, but I'm still thankful for so many blessings. Thank you all who read and comment on my humble little blog. I'm very grateful for the fun I can have stitching, quilting and sharing with you all!

Below is the link to a Bolivia video I made to show in church on Sunday. You may have seen the link already on facebook. Feel no obligation to watch. I just thought some of you may be interested.

See video HERE.

Love to you all!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lori,

  2. We all fall back into childhood when it snows !! :)
    The photos are so touching ! Thank you for this video .... I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with your family !

  3. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!!

  4. We dodged the snow yesterday and now it is just very cold. Time to pull out my hat and long tights for an afternoon run.

  5. Does that mean the storm is preventing family from joining you?
    Our snow is supposed to arrive today, so people are encouraged to get on the road early to avoid it.
    Loved the video, and the music was great!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing the video.

  7. The snow has descended in my Town too. I hope the roads clear so my Children came drive safely. You look happy to see the white stuff! It's just too early for me this year. Spoiled my mood! Hiding in the QuiltZone waiting for Bonnie's Mystery

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Lori, love from England x

  9. Oh Lori, I hope the storm does not prevent your children from coming home. I know you look forward to the holiday. The snow looks so pretty tho. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Great video! Thanks!! A happy and safe Thanksgiving to you and yours! You can keep the snow!!

  11. Very inspiring. Such beautiful children.
    Happy Thanksgiving. Pretty snow but I don't want you to send any our way.


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