Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas ReCap

The weekend before Christmas we decided we'd find a place to stay at the beach and travel there for Christmas. We found a place that would take our dog and left on Christmas Eve. 

 It was a snowy drive.
 But we were rewarded with an amazing Christmas Day forecast! It was cold, but look how pretty it was!
 This is really unusual for the Oregon coast. They were still recovering from extensive flooding from the week before where they had 16" of rain in 24 hours! 
We did a little exploring Christmas Day before our kids arrived. 
 It was a rare couple of days that it was only the 4 of us. I enjoyed it a lot.
 Look at this amazing sunset!

My son is opting to travel this coming year, starting in Mexico and working his was through Central and South America then flying to Denmark to see his host family. We knew he was getting rid of his household, but my daughter gave him this bandanna with hand sewn embroidery! (Adventure is Calling!)  I loaned her a hoop and some thread but had no idea what she was doing.  She is so thoughtful and likes to give wonderful personalized gifts. 

She really loved the quilt!

 She gave me this adorable sheep handmade in Peru! She knows I'm looking forward to going on my mission trip this coming fall.
I brought my aebleskiver pan and made them the day after Christmas. Delicious as usual! (back on the bandwagon TODAY! Need some accountability? go HERE and let me know)
 Porter got some good relaxing in as well.

Sunday we woke to big waves, wind and rain!!

 About 15 miles inland we hit snow! It is only 1500' in elevation and this is a rare occurrence. It was fun!
 Once we got closer to home we were thankful to be going south! These cars were in line for miles! Now we are home safe with fun memories of a simple Christmas at the Oregon coast.
Here is Jaime with his mom and dad. The day all the food got delivered he told Francisco he would like, if it was possible, a tv for his family for Christmas. After hubby and I discussed it, we opted to give this to them for Christmas. I almost feel like I am corrupting them with a television!! (I don't like it much myself) but regardless, this is what we did.
I'm not sure about his mom and dad, but he sure looks happy! LOL

I'm looking forward to a quiet week contemplating 2015 and looking forward with anticipation to 2016. 


  1. Beautiful trip! We even had some snowflakes here yesterday. My sister is coming to visit and we plan to go to the coast next Monday. I hope we have nice weather.

  2. It looks like a wonderful trip even with the strange weather.


  3. What a wonderful trip away -- thanks for sharing the photos (especially of the dog in boots).

  4. Lori, it looks like your trip to the Coast was a fabulous idea for an easy family getaway without the kids having to brave Mt Hood. If you think you'll have any down time this week, let me know and I can come to Redmond. I think our kids are bailing on coming over so I'll have lots of time! Happy New Year!

  5. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos ! And Rene loved her quilt !! Congratulations !

  6. Looks like a great getaway! Wonderful way to celebrate!

  7. Wonderful days at the beach I'm sure. I've been trying to get my husband to take me back to the Oregon Coast for years now.:)

  8. What a beautiful beach! And such a special peaceful way to celebrate the holiday. Of course the flannel quilt was a hit! It's exceptional, modern yet cozy, to wrap your daughter in love.


  9. Such a peaceful looking Christmas for your family.
    Your daughter does look well pleased in the cozy quilt. Love the little ornament she gave you.
    DH is of Danish descent. We have an aebleskiver pan, but haven't made them for years. Wonder if there is a gluten free version that actually tastes good.
    The dog in the boots is great. : )
    I can understand the quandry about the TV. That is a hard one. Will they even get reception where they live?

  10. beautiful trip!! Have a nice end of year!

  11. Lovely pictures--that quilt came out SO well--looks really comfy. I, too, have to get back on the diet-express...:=(( I will check on that book--Happy New Year hugs, Julierose

  12. Great photos. 'Knew your daughter would love the flannel quilt. I have started working on a similar pattern. 'Love the photo of the dog wearing the boots. I have always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest, esp. Oregon. Perhaps some day.

  13. Love, love, love your daughters quilt, looks so cosy and very trendy love the colours.
    Happy New Year, well early eh!
    Lyn, Brisbane

  14. Lovely photos ... so serene. I love quiet Christmases too :)

  15. awe porter is so cute! Love your beach shots! Happy New Year Lori


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