Friday, December 18, 2015

It was the Friday before Christmas......

 I cleaned the lint out of my machine after piecing the flannel top, but when I was getting it ready to piece the backing, there was a bobbin problem.
 I couldn't figure it out and hubby took a few more screws out, then we were really in trouble!
My plan was to get Rene's quilt finished before Christmas.
I'll be bringing the Bernina in next week for repairs. 


 My old Viking is filling in and doing a good job! I think I'll have the whole quilt completed by next Wednesday. (washed too!) So happy for a back up machine!
Here's my Instagram feed this week, in case you missed it.Lots of holiday cheer!
Its the last weekend before Christmas. Take time to be present and enjoy each day!! Don't rush so much that you forget why we celebrate.

Love to you all!


  1. I hope there isn't a big problem with your machine... 'cause we need it !! ;)
    Your quilt will be awesome and ready for Christmas ! Be sure of that and this will be a wonderful gift for Rene !
    Hugs !

  2. I love my viking! I need a cleaning, thanks for the reminder. Glad you'll get your quilt finished :)

  3. Oh my! Sewing machine troubles the week before Christmas can be disastrous. Happy to hear you have a backup. I love the flannel quilt and I'm sure she will too. I also love the sock monkey tree in your Instagram feed. So cute!

  4. And that is why we own an extra car. I mean sewing machine! heehee. Loving that quilt and the good old can do spirit! Love to you this holiday and I have enjoyed all your travels and experiences this year Lori! xoxo Pam

  5. Always good to have a spare machine that you love. I have a couple machines that need a spa day. 2016 will be here soon so I can give them a rest. Have a Merry Christmas.

  6. Yes - for sure! I'm so glad to have my Featherweight for back-up when needed, or for piecing when I don't want to stop to change feet from quilting to straight stitching. Especially when there is a deadline!

  7. I didn't know that Cory also fixed machines!! VBG.
    The offer of another machine still stands. We are driving up tomorrow and I'd be happy to get you a machine.
    I may have an extra (or two)... Always great to have a back-up!

  8. I'm glad you have a good substitute machine! I hope the rest of the completion goes smoothly :0)

  9. I have a backup Viking, too. Is this a warning not to have your hubby remove any screws from your machine? *LOL*
    Merry Christmas, Lori!

  10. What a bummer of timing, glad to hear you've a backup machine. My foot pedal broke a few years ago, so I took the whole machine in and had a tune up cuz you know it would act up had I not. I also have a backup machine plus a featherweight along with a couple vintage ones that could be pulled into service if needed. Hope it is a quick fix.

  11. I ve decided a backup machine is essential to one's quilting sanity. And Vikings are supposed to be very good machines.

    I love the prim quilt on your Instagram feed, maybe a Lynda Hall, w/ pinapple etc. And the sock monkey tree is adorable.

  12. I just barely started sewing some flannel and wowsers, is there lots of lint with that! Glad that you have a backup machine!

  13. Good thing you had a backup. I hate when one of my machines breaks down. Rene is going to love the quilt. Hugs

  14. haha sounds like my husband. You wouldn't believe the trouble we/he had getting the light bulb cover off inside my oven. Thankfully all done after numerous attempts and tools.
    Have a great Christmas Lori from Sue in NZ.


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