Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Log Cabin Variation

I got the flannel quilt top completed on Sunday. I thought I'd show you how I assembled my quilt top.

I started by sewing together four 3x3 sections

 Then I sewed 2x3's and sewed them together. (yes there is a little error) I keep my EQ drawing handy as well.
 Then I sewed two of the 3x3 sections together and did that for the other side. Then added the 2x6 block section to the bottom. I very rarely ever sew a whole row of blocks together, then another row, and another.
I need to do a little piecemeal for the backing and binding. I'll spray baste when I am ready to machine quilt it.

I found out my mission team will be going to Trujilla, Peru next fall! I'm planning on going!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Wow Lori this quilt is wonderful. Can't wait to see how you quilt it. Hugs

  2. I had intentions of making something similar to the quilt you are making but never found time to actually do it. A simple design and something I think would be good in plaids for a man to cover up with in his favorite recliner.

  3. Lovely top Lori,
    can imagine how cuddly it will be with all the flannel.

  4. Ta da for sure! And Peru would be amazing!

  5. OMG ! That's a wonderful quilt , and in flannel, perfect for winter !
    Bravo !!

  6. Great quilt! It will be very cuddly! I also sew quilts together that way. Somehow, it seems easier than sewing long rows together, doesn't it?

  7. I am always impressed with the eye appeal of simple, graphic designs. The fact that this is flannel ups its cozy factor, too. : )

  8. It's wonderful. I'm sure Rene will love it! And I'm completely stumped at finding any mistake... Looks pretty amazing to me!

  9. Fabulous quilt, love the simple graphic look to this. It screams "cuddle up with me". Great job. Peru, oh how fabulous. Keep us posted in how we can help!

  10. Beautiful quilt looks so warm and inviting--keep us posted on your mission

  11. Beautiful---so cozy! I love the graphic effect of the simple squares.
    Peru! Exciting.

  12. The simple design is perfect for a super cozy quilt.

  13. Love this quilt, seems very cozy. Perfect for Christmas!!!

  14. I love this!!!! It's been on my list for a long time! I've been wanting to do it in bright dupioni silks. Finished one in green and blue batiks for grandson. Close to looking like turtles. Flannels would be magic! Congrats on going to Peru!!! Steph

  15. Ohh i love plaids!! It looks so snuggly soft & warm, your daughter's going to love it!!


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