Friday, March 11, 2016

Ben Biggs in the Sewing Room with a Needle

I got to spend some more time with the BBiggs quilt. Since the borders are pretty much the same it is a little boring to show you, but I thought I'd let you tag along and show you how I'm doing it. 

After appliqueing the second border I added it by centering it and the quilt and matching them up first, then the ends. It fit together really well. 

 One side...
 And the other....

I then took three measurements so I would know exactly how long to cut my other two borders. I measured  on the two sides and through the center. Mine was exactly 70" at all 3 measurements. (miracles really do happen!) . Personally I think the border is a bit wide at 10" so I didn't need to be super exact. Chances are I will trim them later. I plan on checking Gay's blog and seeing what the original size is and how it is quilted before I make that decision.
 Then I measured from the swag down, so when I started on the other two borders, they would all be relatively close. This photo turned upside down, but my measurement is 5 1/8" from the edge, Since it is already sewn I need to add 1/4" for the seam allowance.
 I cut my border 10" x70 and creased the center so I'd know where to place my swag. I measured from the bottom up to find the 5 3/8" placement. (again, my photo is upside down)
 For the bud placement I put the pattern sheet underneath my fabric and laid out the pieces on top. I'm fusing, so once they are placed I iron them down ready to use a tiny zig zag with matching thread.
I left the corners open because I'll need to improvise on the swag pattern a little. I  won't attach the right border until the machine applique is done. I will also applique the swags before adding the red three bud thing. That way where the swags meet I don't have to be that neat. 
I hope that makes sense.

 The talented and generous Cheri of Quilts by Cheri has started a little sampler on her facebook page. Here's my first 4 blocks.
My instagram feed is filled with Elsa!
I also sent my registration in to go on the mission trip to Peru in November! So exciting!

Have a really wonderful weekend.


  1. You're never boring Lori. Love to see the progress and how others do things because I am still learning you know. (Aren't we all?) Although I don't do appliqué (yet) it is something I would like to learn. So thank you so much for sharing these informations. ;^)

  2. Lori your Benjamin Biggs quilt is so beautiful. I love your borders. Hugs

  3. Nice work on those borders and how exciting about Peru!

  4. You are making good progress on the borders.....even if they are a bit boring to repeat and repeat and repeat. I just finished the blocks for a fair sized piece and am not happily looking forward to doing the applique borders as they are repeat kind of things.

  5. Beautiful Lori, great progress, love your blog! Hugs, Mary

  6. This is a beautiful quilt. I always wondered how anyone would get these swag borders lined up. Now I know!

  7. Is your background fabric muslin? If so, what kind. Thanks for sharing your sewing methods.

  8. Great instruction on creating the border.
    I see a panel of Generals on your IG feed--from MSQC? I just bought that same panel.
    Peru--how exciting!! My son is considering a trip to Peru this year. Don't know if it will happen, but he certainly does like to globe trot. So far he has been to Switzerland, Iceland, India and Dubai. And he was a missionary in Argentina about 10 years ago. I, on the other hand, have never left North America. : )
    November will be here before you know it! I am thrilled for you!

  9. Thanks for letting us "tag along" it was interesting to read how you tackled your border. Hurrah for the missions trip to Peru :0) Your sampler blocks are wonderful!

  10. Thanks for sharing your process for 'getting there'!! Love this quilt and can appreciate all the work that it's taken you to get this far! We are watching an heirloom in the making!!! You GO girl!

  11. Thanks for the walk-through on your process with putting the border together! It's always interesting to see how others manage this. And yes, it's practically a miracle to have that good of measurements on an applique border. Yay for you!

  12. Nice to see your border process - I've been through this so recently too! I did the same by leaving the corner swags to add later - needed a little adjustment to match up at the end. I love seeing all the pics of your fabrics - beautiful in the blue!

  13. It's great to follow along with your process. It's not an easy thing to get it all to come out exactly right, but yours seems to be on track. I didn't realize you were machine appliquéing. It should go fast and you'll be on to the corners soon. It's a beauty. Congrats on your next mission trip. It will be here before you know.

  14. Your quilt is turning really beautiful! I wonder how you can do all this work, you are amazing.
    Thank you for let us peek on your progress!
    God bless for your trip to Peru.

  15. You are inspiring me to finish the border of a king size medallion quilt I've put aside. The final border is dresdan fans that make half fans on sides and 3/4 fans wrap corners. Once I get a design worked out, sometimes it gets boring to work on. It's all pieced, just need to machine embroider the fans, then sew on. I would begin to explain the B Biggs thats not finished either!! haha.... Yours looks great.

  16. Looks like being home sick gave you a chance to get lots of work done! Hope you're all better. Hope we can meet up next time we're up in Central Oregon in a couple of weeks.

    1. Absolutely NO sewing while I was sick. I worked on these after I recovered.

  17. WOW you're making great progress on your BBiggs quilt.. it's going to be a stunning when it's finished!
    I'm doing Cheri's SAL too, isn't it FUN! I love your scrap happy blocks :))

  18. Beautiful border Lori, it looks great, so do the little blocks.

  19. Great progress on BBiggs. I loved seeing your process! I have been working on Cheri's little blocks too. So fun to dig around in the scraps. Congrats on your upcoming Peru trip! November will be here in a flash.

  20. BB is looking lovely - oh my what a great quilt this is.


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