Monday, April 11, 2016

Little Dresses and a Bit More.....

What a fun mail weekend!

 Here are the first of the little dresses for Peru. Thank you Martha and Liz! 
 I got my little swap quilt from Karen Dever, but am not ready to show it on my blog. The front has been shown on my Facebook group and the backing on Instagram! I love everything about it.
She also designed these adorable patterns and sent them to me with my quilt. Thank you Karen!
 Martha sent me these vintage fabrics with the pillowcase dresses. Love! Love! Love! Thank you Martha! (Please no one feel any obligation)
And I won these patterns from Carrie, Cricketwood Prims n' Gardens. I love it! Thanks Carrie!

What a weekend! The weather was amazing too- very spring like. It's about time!! Have an awesome day!


  1. The Reel To Reel pattern looks interesting and could be done scrappy but looks like it would be hard to piece. But then, maybe it is easier than I think.

  2. Great dresses! Those prim patterns look fun too.

  3. After viewing your photo of Wool Garden pattern, I decided I need to get my top out. It is all put together except the scalloped
    border. These were really fun to work on in wool. Need to finish!!

  4. Last year, I had the chance to receive my doll quilt from Karen and it was stunning !
    I will buy my fabrics for the dresses this week !! ;)

  5. What cheerful little dresses :0) love the ones with cherries!

  6. Those dresses are so cute, I still need to get back my sewing skills and relearn things.
    Wonderful gifts and those flower blocks will be fun to make.


  7. Cute little dresses and love those two patterns from Karen! Looks like you're going to be set with embroidery projects too! Enjoy!

  8. fun mail indeed. are you taking in dresses for this years trip? what is the deadline?


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