Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Woeful Wednesday

It's woeful because work is cutting into my sewing time! 

One block of the 1857 quilt is complete.

 Here are two critters that are going on the wool mystery of Rebekah Smith's. These will liven up the wintery tree.
And here's a few wool pieces I've been able to get cut out to put on the ScrapBasket mystery of Cheri's.

That's it for now! I'd like to get more accomplished but I guess I need to be happy with a little textile play throughout my week. I hope you are getting time to quilt!


  1. I feel you pain! Work is a big "quilting time" killer! Love the block and the wool. Yum!

  2. Poor Lori.... I understand but be happy : your blocks are lovely !! :)

  3. Some weeks (or months) are like that. We take what we can get!

  4. Looks like fun progress to me, even if it's just little bits at a time. I can tell by my attitude that I need a few more minutes of sewing. LOL

  5. Wonderful pieces and appliques, looks like you are finding time to enjoy some sewing.


  6. Seems to me you got a lot done! It s only wednesday, after all. :-) The 1857 blocks are so interesting. Don t you wish you new what each block symbolized to its make!


  7. The hardest weeks are the ones with the least amount of quilting.:) lol

  8. I hope things go back to normal at work soon! I like the stitching on your red bird :0)

  9. I have been too busy too for sewing time... I miss it, really do. Love that block.

  10. lol! I feel like calling in sick to work today... just so I can stitch on my quilt! ;-) Cute wool pieces and awesome applique! :-)

  11. Love the block and the appliqué pieces! You must be very well organized to fit at least some sewing in even while having to work.


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