Friday, April 15, 2016

Made it to Friday!

I'm taking a few minutes here and there and getting a little quilting done. I'm focusing more on the commissioned quilt and I am making progress. Maybe I'll show you another sneak peak next week. I'm leaving my sewing machine downstairs and that helps. 

 Here are all my 1857 quilt blocks so far. I'm all caught up!
 I finished this one.....
 And this one........
Here are the 4 blocks for April. These are from Gay at Sentimental Stitches. 
Here is my Scrapbasket Sampler quilt from Cheri. My wool pieces are ready to hand stitch down. When I get the top and bottom borders appliqued I'll add the two side borders. 

 My Instagram feed for this week.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Love that little bird on your quilt. We made it to Friday!

  2. The 1857 blocks are looking really nice. Looks like you are almost 1/4 of the way to being done.

  3. Yea, for a Friday with nowhere to go! I have a few humble patches to stitch to catch up on my Blocks of the week &month.

  4. Gorgeous album quilt! Love the sampler too.

  5. The 1857 blocks look so harmonious. I've got 3 more to do before I'm caught up. I didn't get in the QAL with Cheri but I love your results. So fun to see it all.

  6. Your blocks look so good together! Way to keep up in spite of your other obligations.:)

  7. I am amazed at how quickly these blocks are adding up! They are gorgeous. I love your sweet little Cheri quilt too.

  8. 1857 Sampler looking really good. How many more blacks are there?
    Fun little wool stitching projects. : )

  9. All the blocks on 1857 look so good together. Stapling your wool applique pieces is a new tip to me. It is a good idea and you are not adding glue or iron on applique products in your quilt.

  10. Great projects! I especially like the Scrapbasket sampler.

  11. All your projects look wonderful! I've been trying to resist starting Cheri's design, but may have to cave--the applique is so cute!

  12. Looks like you accomplished a lot this week even though you have a lot going right now that takes away sewing time. I did not do Cheri's sew-along though I like what I see in the pictures on her Facebook page and in the quilt blogs.

  13. wow good work Lori - you're getting a lot done despite work!

  14. Dear Lori,
    so much progress, wonderful blocks and such beautiful projects.


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