Friday, May 6, 2016

Doll Swap and More....

 My quilt from Rina in Italy arrived. How perfect the friendship stars are considering we are new friends!?! That cheddar star makes the whole thing sparkle!!
 Here's the cool backing and the hand stitched label. Thank you Rina, It will be treasured!

 Darn, this photo is upside down, but Rina also included this hand made hot pad and beautiful earrings her daughter made. So pretty!
Here's the little quilt I sent to Rina. I couldn't find a photo so had her send me one. (duh!)

I can't remember if I shared this on my blog, but my friend Laurie made this for me to thank me for hosting the swap. Thank you again Laurie! I love it.
 And Danice sent this cute mug rug!My first and only mug rug was made by Pam, Library Gal Quilts and I'm afraid it has seen better days- I use it always! Thank you Danice.
These two little dresses came all the way from France. I'll be bringing them all the way to Peru with me this fall.  Thank you dear Cecile!! They are adorable!! (thanks for the little candies too!)

Here's my instagram feed for this week if you missed it.

Have a wonderful weekend. I plan on it!


  1. I like how the internet and quilt blogs have connected us to quilters in other parts of the world. Sharing in ways our quilters of the past never would have even dreamed of.

  2. OMG all these quilts are so cute !! I can't wait to discover them all !
    Patchwork is all around the world and makes friendship a reality.....

  3. I like the Friendship Stars. I put them in the Doll Quilt I sent to Nebraska. It was a fun Swap! Fabrics from different parts of the world is amazing, like a quilting Bee basket of scraps of yesteryear.

  4. What beautiful quilts from her and you. I also love the dresses, such beautiful material.
    Hopefully I can get back on the sewing machine this year, have lots to catch up on and lots to relearn.


  5. Thank you Lori for share my little doll quilt! I really had fun on sewing it. Also I'm glad that you liked it.
    I feel blessed because quilting bind together women from around the world!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Love your quilt and your new friendship!! The internet brings us closer to people we may not otherwise meet, you have opened the door for many to make new friends!

  7. What great quilts, Lori!! And all the way from Italy!!! Great job hosting the swap again!! Thank you.

  8. Such pretty doll quilts. 'Glad you like the mug rug also. 'Another fun swap. Those dresses are so cute. I am still sewing on some for your trip to Peru. Got my Gwennie Inspired Medallion center basket block all finished also. Looking forward to the next rounds, and seeing everyone's work :)

  9. What lovely gifts you have received, Lori. You deserve all these, and more!

  10. I really enjoyed the doll quilt swap and was super pleased with the one I received. There were so many lovely doll quilts! Thanks!

  11. Those are lovely quilts and your swap quilt has travelled far! Such a difference when I started quilting in the late 1980's...... no internet, more difficult to connect and keep in touch with quilters from far away...

  12. I like how the internet and quilt blogs have connected us to quilters in other parts of the world.
    I am a french quilter and love your blog
    I like to exchange with other quilters . I have a blog and gives you the address if you want to see my works
    my blog

  13. What darling little quilts!! How sweet of Laurie to make one for you.. i love it :))


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