Friday, May 27, 2016

Fanciful Friday

The two wanderers (Not all those who wander are lost!) came knocking at our door about 10PM on Tuesday night! My son, Ken and his girlfriend, Nikki have been traveling the western part of the United States and Alberta, Canada since we left them in Las Vegas almost  3 weeks ago. Their arrival was a fun unexpected surprise! I haven't been sewing and had no blog post on Wednesday. So, here I am getting caught up with a little of everything today. 

These cute little dresses arrived from Teresa for my trip to Peru later this year.  Thank you Teresa!
My fabric order arrived from Two Thimbles Quilt shop. Yep, just as lovely as I imagined they would be!
Couldn't help myself on this 1800's bundle. 
About the only sewing I've done is to add this patch to my son's  pants and darned it to keep it together as long as possible. Is that called darning?
Memorial weekend in the United States is considered the kickoff to summer. It is my time to change out my spring quilts to summer and patriotic. Here's my "Flags of the American Revolution". Last year I tried to put it on my bed, but the star buttons are pretty sharp and not comfortable if you lay on top of the bed or are kicking the blankets around at night. I've opted to hang it up this summer. 

This one is on my bed now and it is called Hands Across Time. I love it and have fond memories of designing this quilt with a fun group of friends.   Read about it HERE and HERE.
Here's my label.

Here's my Instagram feed for the week. 

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I used to be an expert at patching boys' pants! Hee Hee! Mom's of boys get used to it. I love your Hands Across Time quilt - which I have seen in person. I can't wait to get home (Sunday) and put up more of my patriotic quilts.

  2. What a nice surprise visit! I love the little quilts in the background too! Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  3. I love the changing of the quilts. I need more RWB ones to fit my beds. Have a good weekend. My Mom called it Decoration Day! Time to put tin foil on cans and put flowers on our loved ones graves with flags.

  4. Love that label and the patching/darning job is perfect! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Great picture of you with Kenny and Nikki. How awesome that they stopped by!
    And I LOVE the quilt on your bed!!!

  6. The Hands Across Time quilt is beautiful! Love seeing your family, and the doggies [instagram pix]. How fun to get a surprise visit. I hope those pants hold up for the rest of his travels,lol.

    Have a great weekend


  7. Nice to have a surprise visit like that. I would just call it "patching" I think or "mending". Your quilts are great. I have to admit to keeping my Flags quilt out in the living room ever since I finished it;). Working on Porch Time right now!

  8. In a strictly technical way, that does not look like any darning my mother (a Depression baby) ever does, which involves sort of reweaving the area with various threads. HOWEVER, if you muttered "darn pants, darn pants" while working on the patch, I think that'll qualify as darning. A friend told me that her mother darned socks during the Depression by yelling "darn socks!" when she threw them away.

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  10. Your quilts are sooo beautiful and the fabrics you received from the shop too !
    Have a lovely weekend with your family ! Enjoy !

  11. Love surprises of the happy kind. Beautiful quilts for summer. I call it "darn". Anytime I have to mend something, which I try and avoid.

  12. What a fantastic surprise visit! The quilts are all so great but the one on the bed is amazing. Not as great as your smile, but really awesome.

  13. Is your son driving a vehicle on the trip of a life time? Just wondering how they are covering so much territory?

  14. awesome label Lori! fun post ! I would call that darning :)

  15. Thank you for visiting my blog and writing comment on my article.
    What a nice surprise visit! I love your quilts


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