Friday, May 20, 2016

Farmhouse Fabs for Friday

I saw this line the other day and came to a screeching halt!I believe they may have been originally printed by Blue Hill and now reprinted by Washington Street Studio, a Division of P&B Textiles.

These will be perfect for the 1857 quilt and the green and red collaboration I'm working on with Martha. (actually she is doing the work and I am making the blocks!- Awesome collaboration, huh?) 

These 9 are available from Two Thimbles Quilt Shop. Lee has been very helpful, even offering a little quilt to any swapper that may have not received one. (Everyone has, I think) How cool is that?

Well, I asked if she could bundle what she has and she said yes. If you enter Humble Quilts on the comment section of the checkout, or mention it when you call, she will throw in a bonus FQer to help offset the shipping prices.  Here is the link: Two Thimbles Quilt Shop

She also has these terrific 1800's stash roll back in stock for $14.95.  I HAD to add one to my cart as well! You'll find these on the same page if you are interested.

Here's my Instagram feed for the week. I've got fun and unusual plans for the weekend. I hope you do something exciting! Love to you all!


  1. I had been eyeing those too and liked the deal of a fat quarter bundle. I just placed my order!

  2. Terrific fabrics ! I agree...Thank you for the link !
    I don't know if it works for international buyers but I 'm going to see....

  3. Thanks, Lori! These fabrics are perfect for the NJ Sampler I've been working on. I just placed my order :)

  4. Thanks so much for the heads up on this line. I just purchased two bundles :). I have no idea why no manufacturers have caught on that we all want this!

  5. The rolled bundles are great, I purchased two. My sister will be receiving one in her birthday box.
    Two Thimbles is my go to quilt shop. Lots of civil wars..

  6. Thanks so much Lori!! Just placed my order!!

  7. What a wonderful line to reprint! I think I still have bits of some of the original Blue Hill printing, but not all of these. Oh, so tempting!
    Love the little stash rolls, too!

  8. beautiful fabrics! good weekend!

  9. I was in an antique shop today where I spied a small pile of old quilt blocks behind glass (never made into a quilt). The green flying geese were the same green as in this blog post. Come winter, when quilts are piled on the bed - the green of summer would be a welcome color, I imagine.

  10. What a tempting website! Lots and lots of goodies there. I love those red and greens :0) I'm looking forward to hearing about your unusual weekend!

  11. Thanks Lori, I just ordered all those yummy yellows, reds and greens!

  12. Lori, you take good care of us! I also ordered the bundle, a stash pack, and a couple of other half-yards. Very nice shop to talk to and fast--I already received them here in Virginia! Thank you!


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