Monday, August 15, 2016

Porch Quilt Month 4

My watermelon look about the way I cut a watermelon! Shaky, uneven, different sizes...... That's why I love primitive!

Here are Cathy S cute blocks. She used wool for the seeds- too cute!

 Debby D sent me her photos. Love her basket! Such great prints.
And watermelons!!

I'm going to be out of town, so I'll do my best to add your photos. If you can link up to your blog, instagram or flickr, please do it!

You ready for next month? I hope I'm not going to scare ya'll off!

We are going to do 3 flower vases. 

 Block 3
I'm going to improvise and add an applique where there is this huge 8x8 piece of floral fabric. 
This is Block 9

Block 10- the floral piece here is 14x14! 

I don't know that I'll have an applique for the floral parts, but I'll attempt to get the 3 flower vases, basket, star and moon appliqued.  On your mark, get set, stitch!


  1. I love to eat watermelon. Lori, your choice of reds for the melons....good. I like to see variety. And I am not good at cutting watermelons either. I do have one of those scoops that make balls but even those turn out wonky.

  2. Gorgeous!!!! I love that they aren't the real slices of watermelon!!

  3. Gorgeous!!!! I love that they aren't the real slices of watermelon!!

  4. I was thinking those spaces needed some appliqué also. Love your slices!

  5. Great stuff and I LOVE your background for the watermelons. I also adore the Provencal prints that Debby D is using. On to the flowers! I have a large scale sunflower print I think I'm going to use for the floral blocks. I'm looking for quick and easy with this quilt.

  6. Really cute Watermelons [I m so relieved yours are a bit crooked too!] and the Basket is gorgeous. Thanks for a fun project!

    For the BIG spacer blocks I am mostly planning to do simple pieced blocks, a checkerboard, A kITE, pinwheel etc. I may fussy cut the lollipop flowers, tho I like the idea of their fat roundness....

  7. Watermelons mean summertime. Very colorful and delicious.

  8. I love all the cute watermelons with their polka dots and plaids! Too cute!

  9. Its always fun to see the same pattern with everyone's individual twist.

  10. Great watermelon fabrics. I especially love your first one.
    This quilt is delightful!


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