Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Quilt Show and More!

 This is me on the ranch bottle feeding an overgrown baby! Now you know why that cow quilt looking in the window caught my fancy!!
 This was another favorite. 
 Lovely French fabric!
 This quilt shows a quilt can be plain and stunning!

 A fun colorway to do an ocean waves quilt.
After my race (you can read about it HERE
I made a trip to Fabric Depot on my way out of town.

 Here are a few goodies I picked up at the show and the store.
 Thank you Hannah and her mother for making me MORE dresses to bring to Peru! They are so cute!!
A new friend from church made these for me too! Thank you Linda!

We will be doing the medallion reveal Monday October 3. You'll have the weekend to finish up!


  1. what a cute photo.
    Great quilts - wow that feathered star is amazing.
    super cute dresses

  2. Oh la la....wonderful quilts with awesome quilting !!
    Thanks for the pics Lori !

  3. The cow quilt really was amazing -love the pic of you feeding one! Been there but usually they were smaller than that! Love all of the quilts, they are all beautiful and inspiring. Great purchases too, the Eiffel Tower fabric is my favorite - I need to find some of that!

  4. What a fun photo of you feeding the cow! The quilts are stunning. The stars in the circle patchwork is gorgeous! And a little fabric therapy is always good for the quilter's soul. Glad you got a fix!

  5. The Feathered Star quilt is my favorite. The French fabrics were really popular for a while and I had a few but no longer in my stash.

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos! Nice quilts and darling dresses.

  7. You and the calf--love it!
    Oh, that feathered star really calls to me. Those fabrics really make it sparkle!

  8. What a great picture of you bottle feeding :0) gorgeous quilts - love the wheels and the feathered star!

  9. Thank you for sharing photos of all those lovely quilts.

  10. Fun picture! We fed little pigs when younger, but never a cow.:) Thanks for sharing the wonderful quilt pics!

  11. Thanks for the pictures! The feathered star is too too good. I would never want to make one though.

  12. I remember bottle feeding a calf, we called her Annabel. Mom drew the line when we tried to bring it into the house! :-). Were the quilts all quilted to death at this show? Just curious. Love the lone star piece!

  13. The photo of you and your cow is adorable!

    Beautiful quilts, I love the ''drab'' Stars and equally subtle Ocean Waves. They both really capture the look of classic antique quilts. And the Feathered Star made w Provencal fabrics is gorgeous, as is the Bulls Eye [name?]. Thanks for sharing the the quilts!

  14. Isn't it wonderful that someone had a camera and took your photo the day you were feeding that calf! What a treasure.

    Thanks for sharing the photos of the quilts. The feathered star is amazing. It's on my bucket list. Some day....

    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  15. Wonderful show and fun photo of you with the cow.
    Love the dresses, fun to see the different ways they make them and the fabrics, hopefully my sewing brain will kick in again.


  16. Thanks for sharing beautiful photos of the show XXX

  17. Love the photo of you and the "baby"--I bet you had to sit on the top step so it wouldn't knock you over! Absolutely gorgeous feathered star quilt in those saturated, bright colors. Wow. It is a favorite block, can you believe I've even done a 6"??! I did it for my sister and said never again, but time has passed and I've started to think about it again. Thanks for the show pictures!

  18. All great quilts. :-) I'm so glad we have until Monday to finish our medallions! I was worried I wouldn't make it.

  19. I've always love feathered stars and that one is unique!


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