Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lectures and Samplers at IQF Part 3

There were many lectures going on at Quilt Fest and I worked a few of them. You could pre-register for a lecture or purchase a ticket at the door. One lecture Barbara B and I worked was "Antique Quilts, Fabric and History of 1800's" by Jodi Barrows. I was familiar with her from the square in a square ruler but she also has a long family history of quilts and quilters! We got to see some lovely quilts and hear family stories. She is also writing novels based on her ancestors. 

 Love this humble quilt!

 It is a good thing to fold and refold periodically to avoid certain areas wearing through, like this beauty, worn directly in the center! Ouch!

  One of lectures we got to see was called Celebrating the Blues by Lori Triplett. She brought many of her blue and white quilts from the Poos collection. It was a feast! We weren't allowed to take photos but you can find many of the quilts and a few patterns in this book.

 Making my way through the vendors list upstairs I saw this a description of this booth and had to go see!
Carol Sissoko 
The indigo fabric, scarves and textiles were amazing, but a little out of my budget.  That indigo book looks fabulous!

 Another style of mixed classes was call sampler. There was a Friday sampler and Saturday Sampler. Each had approx 30 teachers set up at 30 stations.
 You were given a list of the teachers and what technique they were showing and you had 3 hours to go to whatever "booth" you wanted to. (no bells, no timer)
 Cindy Walters was a super busy teacher all week, but still had a smile for everyone! 

I was assigned to work a few other lectures and although the topic didn't necessarily interest me, as soon as everyone was checked in and it looked like nobody else would be attending, I sat quietly by the door to listen.

One was by Cheryl Kuczek. She generously shared a Boho Frock pattern with the staff and she was talking about clothing construction.  You all saw how I sewed the apron and vest, right?! Yikes! But I left empowered feeling like I could make that frock and make it fit me. That's the sign of a good teacher.

Another was Creativity from the Inside Out by Lynn Koolish. This is a class I NEVER would have taken, but I still learned a lot of the creativity process.

And one more was Jump Start Your Art Career by Jane Davila. Does that really sound like my kind of lecture? But I was open to learn and she had some great ideas. As I am putting myself out there a bit more to do workshops or lectures for guilds I can use many of her suggestions.

So, if you find yourself in a lecture or class that you don't think is "you", give it a go and maybe you'll learn something anyway!

Make it a fantastic day!


  1. Beautiful antiques. And, you are right, I have to broaden my horizons and try to learn a few new things. But, I am so stubbornly traditional! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice photos and beautiful quilts ♥

  3. Wonderful quilts! Too bad for the hole in the middle of that gorgeous red quilt. :^{
    Want to laugh? The indigo quilts from the book are awesome. The second image was very interesting and I kept staring at it, trying to figure out the design and how to make such a block. I must have studied it for a whole 2 minutes. Only when I looked at the top row that it finally dawn on me. They are baskets! lol at myself. The carpet in the class room would make a great scrap buster, ;^) Thank you soooo much for taking the time to share all these beauties and interesting behind-the-scene notes. I truly appreciate. ;^)

  4. Great pictures, colors and ideas. Do you know the name of the quilt at the #19 booth?

  5. Interesting! Beautiful quilts. Quite the experience for you.
    I bought the Indigo book when you mentioned CT Publishing's 5.oo blowout sale. It's wonderful and I have read it cover to cover. In my continuing effort to not clutter my life with books, I d be very happy to pass it on to you, let me know when you get home from Peru.[you can enjoy it then give it away if you too don't want clutter.]

  6. Lori gracias por compartir estas maravillas

  7. I am really enjoying your insights from your Festival experience. Doubt I will ever get there, so the vicarious view is great! I especially appreciated your encouragement to be open to learning, even when you don't think it is something that will interest you.

  8. Thank you for sharing these I live in Australia, it's lovely to be able to see the beautiful antique quilts via your blog.

  9. GREAT quilts, Lori. You sure did have a varied experience in Houston!!!

  10. Those antique quilts are wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us :0)

  11. Fun post! One of the benefits of joining a guild is all the classes offered. I like to take some of them "outside my box" just to learn something new. You never know how you can apply another's technique to something you already thought you knew the best way! Hahaha!


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