Friday, November 4, 2016

Quilters Madder Linky Party. Add yours!

Add your Quilters madder! It doesn't need to be quilted. 

 Look at this great madder I picked up this week! It's by Paula Barnes.
Everyone who adds their link (you can add from instagram now too!) or sends me a photo to add will have their name thrown in the hat to win this little stack of madders from my stash. (Including that new one!)


  1. I'd like to add the link to my blog but don't see where to do it on yours. Thanks for your help!

  2. Spectacular! I can't wait to see them all!

  3. Thanks Lori - it is so much fun to see everyone's fabric choices and quilting! Once again I'm learning a lot and hope to have mine finished soon.

  4. What does that mean?? "Madder" Sorry for my ignorance!!

    1. Hi Patricia, 'madder' refers to a red dye or pigment obtained from the root of the madder plant. It was commonly used to dye fabric back in the 1700-1800's.. the results are a rich reddish brown colour which goes by the name of 'madder'. Sadly, natural plant based dyes can alter and fade over time, so when you look at antique quilts with madder prints you will know if they were lovingly cared for and kept out of direct sun light.. otherwise the madders will take on a faded brownish/muddy tinge. Cheers, Marian

  5. Lori, this has been another fun mystery quilt-along.. you never disappoint! I loved pulling out all my madders and shirtings, which i rarely use, mainly because they are too 'white & bright'.. i like them so much more now! Thanks for bringing me out of my comfort zone :)) hugs, Marian

  6. Finally got my link in. I have visited a few of the links, but look forward to checking out the others. Thanks for another great SAL, Lori! I love this quilt. Madders are one of my biggest piles of fabric! : )

  7. WHat a wonderful range of quilts made in this quiltalong!

  8. Thank you for adding me Lori ! Once again, this was a great SAL and a real success !

  9. Fun to see them all the same, yet different! :)

  10. Thank you Lori, for adding mine! It's such a wonderful party ; ))


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