Monday, January 16, 2017

Looking Back- Pillowcase dresses and Christmas

Good morning! It's Monday again. The weekends go by too fast!
Recently I found a couple of photos from my Bolivia trip last year.

It's fun to see the little dress you made, so I thought I'd show these and see if you recognize them. 
Such good memories of this village we got to go to. 

If anyone is interested in making the little pillowcase dresses I'll be bringing more to Columbia in January 2018.

Now, back to Christmas, 

Here's my simple table. 7 for dinner is a "just right" number. 
I showed this one on instagram and said I'd write about it later. I really hate it when the turkey is done, but nothing else is. It's always a risk that the turkey will dry out. It so happens that my meat thermometer died Thanksgiving day, so we cooked it by the clock. Everything was ready, except the bird! I put it back in the oven and cranked up the heat and we all started dishing up all the other side dishes. Meanwhile the drippings spilled and we were smoked out! I grabbed glasses to protect my eyes from all the smoke. (which you can see in the background) Eventually it got done and we now have a fun memory of Christmas 2016!

Nothing quilty today, although I was able to get a bit done this weekend. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thank so for the heads up on the next pillowcase dress project! Will be on the look out for sales on the bias tape.

  2. One year, I used an electric roaster plugged in the garage to cook the turkey. I thought that would free up my oven for other dishes. Well, everything cooked except the turkey was taking forever. Everyone was very, very hungry by the time the turkey got done. I ended up moving the turkey to the oven to finish cooking. Now I know why my mother started the turkey during the night when she used a roaster.

  3. Speaking as one who uses the smoke detector as a timer, I don't see anything unusual in this at all. Wink! Pretty table.

  4. Oh, the memories we can laugh about now. A few Thanksgivings ago I had thawed the bird according to directions, but after it had supposedly cooked long enough and the thermometer in the leg registered the proper temp, we pulled it out and started to carve and it was pink inside! We had to try and keep everything else warm while we let the bird finish cooking--and there were 20 to dinner that day! I have cooked turkeys since I was 17, and that was a first for me.
    Maybe with this much notice I will get in on the dress making again. : )

  5. LOL Poor Lori! Was the turkey edible finally? I love your holiday table with what looks like a beautiful vintage tablecloth, and such pretty dishes.

  6. Those are such cute dresses and I can imagine the little girls love the bright colors.
    I make Bill cook the turkey and he usually gets it right, then again, I am telling him what to do;)


  7. Love the Christmas Dinner story and you table, beautiful. Glad you got some pictures of you mastering the bird and smoke. The dresses are wonderful.

  8. Kind of sounds like the first time my son and DIL hosted Thanksgiving a few years back...he had greatly underestimated the timing of the bird getting done.
    The upside was that we were all pretty tipsy by the time we finally ate, consuming more pre-dinner drinks than originally planned :)

  9. Cooking... not one of my best abilities, lol. I am sure yours turned out very well. Oh, you're going to Columbia in Jam 2018. I will be busy sewing some more dresses. Prim blessings.

  10. Oh goodness, I meant Jan not Jam 2018 :)

  11. Lori, I love the pictures from the kids and the dresses! Adorable.
    But I've got to say that isn't the best picture I've seen of you!! ;-)
    Hope you'll be able to get together in the next two weeks while I'm up in Sunriver!

  12. That's too bad about your turkey. There were several years in a row that we had oven and/or turkey problems at either Thanksgiving or Christmas. One time our oven died in the middle of cooking the turkey. I was grateful we didn't have a house full of guests that year! Beautiful table. Fun dresses.

  13. Nice dresses, and wonderful memories of your trip to Bolivia!
    Something wrong always happen in my kitchen, too, expecially when we have lots of people around the table! Lol.

  14. those pillowcase dresses are so cute on those girls! I'll be ready with a few for your 2018 trip.
    Cooking the bird is ALWAYS a gamble.....not always a gobble

  15. p.s. that's why we always have Rich's Grandmother's Danish Meatballs on Christmas.

  16. If we didn't have these "oops" in life, what on earth would we talk about?!!!!! The main thing is that loved ones are together making memories and that we are grateful for the nourishment which we are blessed with by a loving God.


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