Wednesday, March 15, 2017

ABC Sampler

My applique is getting more primitive the more I do! 

  This is M- for Mother. There was a lot I didn't like about this one, but when it is all assembled it won't matter much. 
I appliqued the heart block and added it to the K-L-Q-R section. One one of the samples I'm using for a guide it has the alphabet stitched in here and one was plain- I went for the plain one! I can add the year and my initials later.
Getting it all to fit is a real hit or miss challenge.

See Karen's version HERE. 

Have a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. Hit or miss for sure! We are making good progress and interesting to see how each of us interprets the designs and the fabrics used. I am enjoying doing this with you.

  2. I love this block, your quilt is going to be fantastic!

  3. Lori un trabajo precioso
    el bloque de la madre delicioso!!

  4. Just came from Karen's blog. You each have your own "flavor" to this quilt--each one uniquely you. Enjoying following your progress. : )

  5. I started one of Cheri's patterns a few years ago. It was and is a challenge to figure out where everything goes. But, I still love the primitive vibe despite those challenges. Seeing the blocks you and Karen are making makes me want to find that project and finish it.

  6. Love the blocks and love how you can add names to the mother piece.


  7. I am enjoying watching your and Karen's progress on this quilt. I like your idea of adding your initials and the year to the heart block.

  8. Such cute blocks! I love the polka dot chicken!

  9. Very cute--primitive is perfect for this quilt!

  10. Lori, your "Mother" block is wonderfully Prim. I love the special wording and sweet embroidery. You and Karen will each have a beautiful family heirloom to treasure.

  11. I always enjoy seeing all the blocks and quilts all of you make. Hugs,

  12. So adorable! I love the mother and child..and the kite---well, ALL. :-)


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