Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This, That and the Other...Wednesday

I've been getting a few quilt tops out of the closet to finish working on. This lovely little house quilt was one I made from Diane's book when I reviewed it back HERE. 

I kept the quilting simple, big X's, little X's and some stitch in the ditch. I used Randy's method for machine sewing down the binding. It's going to help me get a few of these done. Recently I've befriended my yoga teacher, Mai, and they have just moved into a cute little house. I thought it would be perfect for her. She isn't a quilter and I'm not even sure she liked it, but that's okay. It was a gift from my heart to hers. 

 I was asked to make this little cake block by two fellow quilters. I wish my handwriting was better! 
It's a fun little block. 
The countdown is on for the "Year of the Rooster Challenge"
Mine is complete! I thought this French General label with a rooster on it was perfect! If you'd like to mail yours to be on display at Two Thimbles Quilt shop you can make arrangements with Lee at the email below.

You can also send her a photo and this information to 

If there are a few people I'll do a linky. Barb and Danice are the only ones I can remember who did it, but Lee at Two Thimbles let me know there were about 6 people that ordered after seeing the blog posts by me and Barb. Let me know if you want to do a linky party. We will do our reveal April 7th. 

We will be sharing our Fall festival on April 3rd. I better get busy on some flying geese!

Have a fantastic day, friends.


  1. I finished my Year of the Rooster quilt yesterday! I'll wait for your linky party to show it:)

  2. Feels good to get things finished, doesn't it?
    I would hope your yoga instructor appreciated the gift from the heart, but I have had experiences with non-quilters that don't seem to know what to do with a quilt that doesn't fit on a bed. : )
    Looking forward to seeing the "year of the rooster" challenge quilts.

  3. What a beautiful present for a new home. With hope, she'll appreciate your thoughtfulness even if she doesn't quite see quilts the same way we do.

    Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Lori, it's a great little quit for your new friend! And I"m so glad that you've got my system down for sewing down the bindings by machine! It's definitely the way to go!!

  5. I love seeing your projects! The Houses quilt is a beautiful gift. I m ineterested to see what your Rooster quilt looks like.


  6. I'm sure your yoga instructor will love it because it's "made by heart" !

  7. Mine is finished, but doesn't have nearly as great a label as yours!
    I want a linky party - woo hoo!
    Love your little house quilt....but then again, I love all house quilts.

  8. I did one of those cake blocks for Temecula. Fun and fast pattern--yours are so cute!

  9. I'm so happy the little quilt has been shared and I hope she will smile every time she sees it. If nothing else, it will remind her of a kind friend!

  10. Are your friends making quilts of the signature cake blocks?

  11. Lori, I received my cake block today. Thank you so much for taking time from your busy life to make one for me. It will make my quilt all the more special to me. I love the fabric you chose too!

  12. I need to know more about that machine stitching binding!

  13. Lori...Mai, no doubt, will appreciate your gift since it is from the heart! And, a lovely generous, heart at that. The houses are so sweet.


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