Friday, March 24, 2017

Vintage Quilt Friday

Here are the last two quilts the woman in Washington state gave me. She told me all of them were family quilts, but I'm not too sure that a family member made them. They may have just had them in their possession. Even though double wedding ring quilts are common they are very sweet. 

 The first one with the bold solid blue. 
 I washed this quilt after taking the photos and it looks a lot better. If you can click on it to enlarge, I thought the quilting was unusual. It is quilted with  a large X in the center of the rings.
 The solid blue used for the binding too. 
 You may be able to see the quilting better in this photo. 

Wedding ring quilt #2. 
This one is very "standard" but so sweet! 

 My friend Michelle and I looked for any duplicate fabrics indicating the same person made these two quilt and we didn't find one piece that was the same.
 The quilting is more traditional on this one.
 And the binding is teeny tiny!

I opened the binding of the crazy quilt to take a peek- nothing in it. The binding was hand sewn 
though. I thought that was interesting.
Here's my Instagram feed for this week.

I've been feeling a cold coming on but I've been keeping it at bay with vitamins C. It finally hit me with full force yesterday. I'll be laying low this weekend trying to get over this quickly. 

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I think they're both quilts from the 30's.........two treasures.

  2. Makes me want to dig out my DWR UFO. Nahhh, probably not.
    I love the pattern, just not the process. : )
    Hope you conquer your cold--I've been trying to lay low for the same reason this past week.

  3. I read once that Double Wedding Ring quilts are the most recognizeable pattern to non-quilters. I have made a few.

  4. I love both quilts ! Lucky you :)
    I hope you'll feel better soon !

  5. Both quilts are beautiful! It's sort of sad that such a lovely and challenging pattern has become ''ho hum'' from its over-popularity. Wonderful gift from a stranger to you. Feel better!


  6. They are so lovely. Thank you for sharing these treasures with us. I find the big X as a quilting design pretty interesting too. After sewing all those little snippets together to make the rings, you would think one would be caring enough to quilt elaborated designs in the negative spaces. Oh well. Maybe the person who quilted it isn't the person who sewed it. Too bad you know so little about these beauties. ;^)

  7. I'm glad these quilts and the others are now rescued and in your procession. It's interesting about the x quilting in the one wedding ring.

  8. Beautiful treasures, you are lucky.

  9. Lori,thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts with us. Hope your feeling better real soon!!!

  10. what beauties - well loved and used which is nice to see.

  11. They are very sweet, lucky you! Take care this weekend, snuggle up and feel better soon

  12. I have one, a DWR, that Haunts me every year around April & May...

  13. Thank you for sharing these quilts Lori. Enjoy your blogs.


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