Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Vintage Crazy Quilt

Here is another of the vintage quilts I had given to me. I think this quilt may be from about 1880-1900. 
 It has issues.
 Instead of trying to cover them all up with tulle. I'm going to trim out the shattered pieces so it doesn't continue to make a mess. I'll still be able to enjoy it.

 Here's the backing. I facetimed with my friend, Laurie, and she feels like this quilt back may have come from another quilt.
Here are these cute little ribbon ties equally spaced that do not go through to the front. I'm going to remove a few stitches from the binding and take a peek and see if anything else is under it. 
I'd welcome your thoughts. 

Here's my Instagram feed for the week. 

I've been sewing with Randy the past two days in Sunriver. Having a great time!  Enjoy your weekend. 


  1. Crazy quilts are always interesting--and this one has a mystery! Wonder what you will find?

  2. That back does not seem at all likely to be original to the crazy pieced top. And the ribbon ties are another oddity. Good luck with your mystery solving.

  3. Very curious to learn what you find inside.

  4. That is a wonderful quilt and a shame that it is deteriorating.
    I have a few pieces of crazy quilting and the same issues, so I just hung them on a mini rack.


  5. It's very exciting to find a quilt inside!!

  6. Are the crazy patches on the front on a foundation fabric?
    It is interesting to me how much time I will spend fixing rather than doing new work
    Can't wait to hear about your quilt

  7. Enjoy see your new(old) quilts
    Thank you for sharing : )

  8. That's what I was wondering if there might be something inside. Keep us updated.

  9. That's what I was wondering if there might be something inside. Keep us updated.

  10. Old quilts or comforters were often recycled into new comforters. A crazy quilt top is a great way to do so. The pink ties would be from the original comforter. Is the whole thing inside or just the back was reused? Fabric archaeology! In the 1960's, I made a (very fat)comforter with flannel outside (with our names embroidered in large stitches) and two quilts inside. I wish I'd kept it, so that I could take it apart and look at those quilts, which held no interest for me at the time.

  11. Do it, do it...I want to see what's hiding inside there too!

  12. My grandmother has a basket quilt of 50s fabric is that was tied on top but had beautiful hand quilting on the back. I removed the ties, slit the stitching on the sides and found a beautiful 1930s applique quilt inside! I hope you find a treasure too!


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