Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Vintage Wheel Quilt

Over a year ago I was contacted by a woman who had a few vintage quilts that she didn't want. They came out of her mother's house about 1968. (so the story goes) We wrote back and forth a little, then all was quiet for about a year, then she wrote again, saying she had found our correspondence and the quilts were still in the exact place they were a year ago! LOL I asked her whee she lived and as it turns out she was living just a few miles from whee I was going to be staying in North Seattle! Serendipity I would say! Michelle and I met her and her husband at their home and she gave me a total of 5 quilts. 
I was so surprised to see this one, because the photo she had sent me looked orange and blue, not blue and pink!

This is a long skinny quilt, looks to be made for a twin bed. 

The woman seemed to think it was a crib quilt, but maybe she was guessing because it was blue and pink. My guess on the age is 1920-1930's

It certainly isn't heirloom quilting, but definitely very nice.

 The border is pretty sweet and makes it fit the Humble Quilt style I love so much.
 If any of you have any ideas on time period from the quilting, style or fabrics, please chime in with your thoughts!

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing the other quilts I got from her. 

Have a lovely day!


  1. Oh what a treat! So happy it now has a good home. I'd say you were spot on with the 20's or 30's date. What fun!

  2. What a wonderful gift. Can't wait to see the others.
    (I claim no expertise in dating quilts.)

  3. What a wonderful addition to your humble quilt collection! Not sure on dating the quilt? It is hard to tell if it is hand quilted or machine quilted from the photos? Many congrats!

  4. How nice that these quilts came to you! My guess is 1930's, but it's just a guess!

  5. To me, the quilting looks just perfect!! And I do love the pink and blue colors.
    How lucky that you were able to be the recipient of those 5. Can't wait to see the rest!

  6. What a sweet quilt! The quilting is quite nice and I love the "Tumbler" border. Nice condition too. I'd date it 1920-1940. Did it have and history or info? Who made it, etc?

  7. The colors of this quilt remind me of one my mother had. Early 1950's was when hers was being made.

  8. Nice quilt, I think it might be a cot size. I remember we had one going up. Smaller than a twin, bigger than a crib.

  9. Lori esos edredones están ahora en el siti perfecto

  10. You scored big. Wow. I like this one even though it is pink and not orange. :^D
    It looks to be in great condition. Thanks for sharing your eye candy. ;^)

  11. What a charming quilt you've rescued.

  12. OMG .... 5 quilts !! Lucky you how generous is this woman !
    This quilt is gorgeous and so precious...

  13. The colors look so bright and almost new! Very striking!

  14. I like it too! The size, the colors, the tumbler border, the quilting--all terrific! Can't wait to see what else came home with you.

  15. That's a great quilt. Can you imagine how touched the maker would feel if she knew how many people got to see and appreciate the quilt she made? It also reminded me of the importance of putting a label on quilts. That's something I haven't done very well in the past.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


  16. neat quilt Lori! love that hand quilting


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