Friday, April 14, 2017

Little Quilt Swap in High Gear!

 My dear friend Laurie made me a little quilt out of antique blocks! She didn't draw my name for the swap, but she gave it to me anyway. (I've seen the one she made for the swap and it is a cutie!)
 Elsa was moving in to see what I was doing.  Isn't it just wonderful?!

My favorite trick to use on current quilts.

I don't think Laurie used any batting and I love how it drapes and feels authentically antique!

She made this great label but didn't add her name, which I plan on adding.

I'm seeing so many fantastic little quilts on the Humble Quilts Facebook page. If you aren't in the group, please come and join us! I will be having a linky party on the blog in 
May so all the quilts can be seen in one place.

Here's my Instagram for the week.

Thank you to those who are sending your quilts for the exhibit. Its going to be fantastic!

Monday we are sharing the house block and flying geese on our Fall Festival quilt. I guess I better get some sewing on my list for this weekend!!

Love to you all!


  1. It's just wonderful! So nice thought from your friend Laurie!
    Have a blessed weekend! :)

  2. I love this swap! Gotta get mine finished. Hubby has been watching it on my Design Wall.

  3. What a little treasure! How thoughtful of Laurie!
    I do see that trick of piecing bits of fabric to make even a small piece in a block in a few of my vintage textiles (I don't have a large collection). Have done it myself on occasion. It is a fun "make do" technique.

  4. What a super fun quilt!!! quiltlet...I love it!

  5. What a great little quilt. And perfect for your collection!

  6. What a precious quilt! Love the blue make-do block with seam.

  7. Very traveled-from-time looking. It is such a pretty quilt, and very nice of Laurie. The make-do block is perfect. I will be sharing the quilt I received and the one I sent very soon :)

  8. Wat a special quilt Lori. I love it.


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