Monday, April 17, 2017

Fall Festival Quilt Month 4

Here we are! Month 4 of the Fall Festival Quilt. I know many of you are starting to feel the fast pace- 
just think, we are closing in on a finish for this quilt! You can do it!!
The linky will be open for a week, so hopefully you can catch up if you are behind.

Here's my house and dog. 

And all 49 of my flying geese. I still need to do some trimming. I'll probably start 
attaching them too as shown in the quilt. 
Here is Denise's house. She finished her geese last month. 

Anne was having computer problems so I'm showing her lovely wool block here today.  Love it!

I'm looking forward to seeing more houses!

Alright, the next assignment, if you choose to accept it (name that movie!)
is the pumpkin and long vine.

 Here is Cathy's block that she has graciously shared with us for an example. 
 I really think we can do this in 2 weeks. Let's meet back here with our completed block on May 1st. 

Have a wonderful week! If you want to see a little what I've been doing when I'm not sewing look HERE.


  1. Anne must have a wonderful stash of wool. She does so many quilt projects in wool.
    I have some of the fabric you used for your roof and probably some of the background fabric. Good choices for your block.
    I enjoyed seeing all the house blocks (house blocks are among my favorites for quilts).

  2. I adore your house background Lori! I'm catching up - on to the flying geese!

  3. I really like the house blocks. And I like your background choice on the flying geese.
    Mission Impossible is a movie I have never seen, but I enjoyed the TV series as a child, and that is what immediately came to mind. : )

  4. Lori los bloques de casas son maravillosos!!
    el bloque calabaza me encanta
    buena semana

  5. OOooo! Love each of these blocks...your applique is so smooth and pretty!!

  6. Love that pumpkin block - and it was Mission Impossible. I loved the TV series with Peter Graves!

  7. I love your blocks. The pumpkin is my favorite. Hugs

  8. What nice houses! Hmm don't have a pumpkin block in my pattern, but I have something else with eyes, so I'll work on that next. Thanks for letting me tag along even though I'm not doing the same quilt.

  9. Love your House and Dog block! That quilt will be so darn cute.

  10. Thanks for all the inspiration! I really love all the fabric everyone is using - these completed quilts are going to be beautiful. I hope to stay focused and will be back to join everyone on May 1st.

  11. Thanks for fitting me in your post today. I'm loving all the blocks.

  12. Love your house! This is going to be a cute project!

  13. Your house block is so cute, as well as the others! I'm still working on making flying geese, but I planned to start my house next week!


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