Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Art Quilts in Ohio

The first night in Ohio my friend Kat and I went to an  art show opening for her friend, Sandy. Art quilts or  traditional we need to support each other!
I asked for a photo of her by her favorite quilt,

I liked this one, especially the title of it!
The following quilts were at the Genessee Valley Quilt show in Rochester, NY.
I'm focusing on art quilts on todays post.

Thanks for your positive comments on the barn quilts. I saw more today!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Your friend is very pretty in front of this quilt !
    Thank you for sharing !

  2. Those scooters are pretty darn cute, aren't they? Thanks for the photos!

  3. I got a kick out of "Safety in Numbers", and the scooter quilt is really fun.

  4. So pretty! I love the scooters!

  5. It really is wonderful to go to different quilt shows. We never know what will inspire us!

  6. Those are all lovely quilts, but I fell in love with that guitar one. How fun to be going to an art quilt show. --Andrea

  7. It's good to appreciate all types of quilts! How fun!

  8. Looks like youre having a lot of fun! Love the Scooters quilt and the textured neutral one.

  9. OMG...I love those scooters...but the Safety in Numbers is great!

  10. Thanks for the mini quilt show!

  11. Love the guitar and scooter quilts!


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