Thursday, August 3, 2017

Garment Making Again!

If you were a blog reader last year you know I had to make 2 garments for Houston. The education staff wears the same line on a particular day.  (not always the same fabric and 
certainly not the same clothing pattern)
After seeing the beautiful garments last year I thought I better step up my game this year!
This is the piece of fabric I chose. It's Menagerie, by Rifle paper,  from Cotton + Steel. 

I put it in the wash so it would be ready when the tunic pattern arrives.

 Aargh! Apparently it had a sticker on it that I didn't see.  I scraped as much off as possible then hand washed the area with Joy dish soap.
 Ta-Da! Ready to go!

 I was less happy with our second choice. It is Ghastlies by Alexander Henry. First off, I'm not a fan of Halloween and secondly I think this could make a darling bag or decor, but a garment?  Well, I was stressing about what kind of garment to make, then I realized that life is too short to stress!
So, I chose the less ghastly and unless someone can give me a great idea of a garment, I'll make a cute little half apron and call it good!

Here's my instagram for this past week. 

I'm off again until next week. I'm one of 12 people running a 216 mile relay! It's going to be a scorcher!!


  1. Good calls, on the first and second fabric. For the second fabric, I see a sundress with a label or straps made out of the brown "tweed" fabric along with a belt with the same brown fabric. Hope my explanation of what I see is not too confusion to you. Good luck with the project. ;^)

  2. Good luck with your projects for Houston. I think your choices of fabrics are good ones.
    luck on your relay! Hope you get a break on the weather!

  3. Pattern blocked t shirt?

    Cute tunic dress over leggings w ballet flats?

  4. The first fabric is lovely. I'm afraid I'd be with you on the Halloween fabric. I think you've got a good idea going with an apron!

  5. Simple tunic without sleeves in A-shape?? over some leggings?
    Best wishes!

  6. ...or a long simple summer-skirt! :)
    Re-best wishes!

  7. A vest might be cute from the second fabric line.

  8. I'll bet you'll be adorable with your little half apron!!

  9. So you're going to run 18 miles? Wow! I hope it goes really well :0) Ghastly indeed - what a color palette! Good luck with your garment sewing :0)

  10. I think you are doing the best you can with that from which you had to choose (sentence structure dedicated to my Mom).
    Saw your comment on Randy's post. Followed the link you gave. Wow--you are dead-center on the eclipse path. Pretty cool!

  11. an apron is a great idea! Have a FUN run.

  12. What tunic pattern are you using?

  13. i LOVE the ghastlies! I would have made a circle skirt. I love your fabric too and look forward to seeing your tunic.


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