Friday, September 15, 2017

Friends and Quilting

It's back to school! Fun to see the kids walking to and from school each day. 
My bloggy friend Lizzy sent me this fun schoolhouse top. 

 The outside has been turned under and hemmed. Somebody obviously wasn't excited about finishing it. It was pretty dirty and does have some holes, but I've got some ideas of how I can use it.
I'm a fan of the mourning print used for the sashing. 

It is so charming! Thank you again, Lizzy!!
Here's the water in my sink after 30 seconds of soaking. Ugh! I washed and rinsed a few times, but with my son and his girlfriend staying here for now the kitchen is always in use! They leave for Hawaii in 2 weeks so 
I'll try again when I can leave it to soak.

Hanging it out to dry may not have been the best, but it needed some fresh air after being wet!
I met a dear friend for lunch after the guild meeting and she gifted me with these lovely indigos. She saw one of my recent posts about indigos and figured they had gathered enough patina in her stash! LOL  Thank you Phyllis! We had a conversation about the eclipse block and she told me about sewing in circles!
If you care to take a look I read this detailed blog post- HERE. Sorry, I'd rather applique! LOL It looks really complicated!!

Not much instagramming this week, but here it is. I've got plans for the weekend and it's going to be great!
I hope you do too!

See you Monday with the next step to Palmateer Point Quiltalong!!


  1. Love "house" quilts........this one is a honey.

  2. I have a House quilt. It's a flomsy. Glad you could hang it outside to dry. We have Smoke in the air still. Nice additions to your indigo stash. Quilters are so kind to share.

  3. I love the mourning prints too. Love that top. Have a super weekend!

  4. What a cool house quilt - it's such a classic! I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Have a great weekend!

  5. The Schoolhouse quilt top looks better already! And the indigos are beautiful!


  6. I saw this quilt on her blog and immediately thought about you! Hope you can get it cleaned up to your satisfaction!

  7. Great house quilt!!
    Are you looking for indigos??? i might have some for you!!
    have a great weekend.

  8. The school house quilt top is a good one even if does have a few little problems. When I was a child, the first day of school was always anticipated and exciting. I wanted to be a grade school teacher but things got in the way and I did not end up doing that.

  9. Lucky you to get this cool schoolhouse top! Did you use a special soap to clean it?

  10. Black fabric tend to bleed in the wash (I had that problem with black jeans). Maybe use some coarse salt or/and vinegar in your soaking water.

  11. I never met a school house quilt I didn't like - this one is a great one!


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