Monday, September 18, 2017

Palmateer Point Quiltalong Part 2

When you choose your two fabrics it is important they have good contrast. I went with pink, which was in the original vintage quilt.

 We need 24 half square triangles that will finish at 3"- so that means these are 3 1/2" unfinished.

Here's the method I like to use. You can use whatever method you like and works for you!
From my 2 fabrics I will cut 3- 8" squares. (3 lights, 3 print)

Draw lines like this. and layer with your other fabric. 

Sew a scant 1/4" on each side of the diagonal lines. Cut on the other two lines. You will get 8 hst from this square! Super simple! Do that with 3 squares.
Press toward the darker fabric and trim to 3 1/2". Admire your work!

Ta-da! Until next Monday!
Have a wonderful week!!


  1. So fun! Will I throw off the cuteness is I use blue?

  2. I just remembered I do have pink! Hope it matches in tones. Otherwise I don't know which direction to go....

  3. Pinks, huh? I will get going on this SAL tomorrow. Last week was crszy busy.

  4. Love this method to do Hst.And in the first part I sew my 21/2 squares.Will they work?

  5. Hi Lori in keeping with the design ( mystery) should we do the squares in 2 fabrics only, a light and a dark....part 2. My squares in part 1 are a mixture of all sorts of Lights & Darks.

  6. Hola Lori. Aunque estés ya publicando el segundo objetivo, me puedo incorporar para hacer este Mystere? Cuándo vi los cuatro patch, pensé que lo estabas haciendo sola. Un beso


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