Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Aurora Quilt Show and Book Sale Friday

Part of the reason I love this particular quilt show is the setting! Aurora was a religious colony is the late 1800's. Many descendants of that colony still live in the area. It's a fantastic little museum that really gives you a glimpse of life back then. (actually the whole town is historic!)

And here are some other great quilts in the show that weren't crazy quilts. 

I'm not a huge fan of samplers, but I like them when the block sizes are mixed up and there is enough going on to keep your interest.

The wheel is pieced, the center circle is appliqued.

Fun and humble!

The applique was unbelievably precise!

And very small. 

And here is Country Roads from a quiltalong I did. 

 Thank you for writing your inspiration, Mary.

Here's another quilt done by the same person who did the houses. These pieces are small!

My sewing room is small and I'm running out of book space. These are a few I've either made almost all the projects from, or am just finished with them. I'm going to have a book sale starting Friday- my first post will be 5AM Pacific time right here. 
 It's first come, first serve. I'll have a reasonable price and you just leave a comment on the one you want. I can put your name on it because I'm sure I'll have to have the sale over 2 or 3 posts.
I have a bit more money to raise for my mission trip to Colombia and the money from the book sale will be used for that. 

PS, If you have given me a book, please don't take it personal if you see it for sale. I love you anyway.

See you bright and early Friday morning!


  1. How fun to see one of your quilt alongs at the show!

  2. I’m putting this museum on the list for when we next visit my sis and mom. Love those quilts!

  3. Preciosos todos los quilts que nos enseñas. Aunque he de ser sincera y me ha llamado la atención el Mystere de Yoko Saito,sin duda en el patchwork no hay distancias, yo tengo hecho un Mystere de Yoko Saito y disfruté tanto haciéndolo, que sé lo que ha trabajado la,Quilter que ha expuesto el suyo. Gracias LoriL, por acercarnos estas exposiciones, de otra forma nunca las vería. Un beso

  4. Looks like a fun show. I love little historical places. Good luck with your book sale. I don't have room for one more book, but thanks for reminding me that I wanted to send you a check for your trip. I will mail it out today. It won't be as much as last time (bad year) but every little bit helps, right?

  5. The quilts are gorgeous ! Wow !

  6. Get pix from the show, Thanks for posting! Good luck on the book sale! cheers, cw

  7. That applique was amazing and so beautiful.

  8. I LOVE that kalidioscope quilt! (sp)

  9. Some great quiilts! I love the wholecloth quilt. I hope your book sale goes well.

  10. Thanks for sharing the quilt pics! I love seeing old quilts. The workmanship is amazing and like that wheel quilt, the humble parts so inspiring and charming! Good for you having a book sale. I usually just put them in a yard sale, but they rarely sell very well in our area!

  11. I have been to Aurora Colony several times, but my friend, whom you met, really loved it - it was her first time! I will check out your book sale on Friday, but, actually, I should have a sale too. Maybe next year.

  12. Oh, the Kaleidoscope quilt and the Double 9-Patch really call to me!!

  13. great post - wow those quilts are fabulous!

  14. Lots of great quilts!! I really love that Kaleidoscope quilt. Could use your photo on my blog? I am going to try and make one similar.


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