Thursday, October 19, 2017

Book Sale!

In no particular order.... If you want to know more about a book then I recommend an Amazon search. The price is directly below the book. Please comment the name of the book and your email address if you are a no-reply commenter. If I cannot contact you, I cannot sell you the book. 
Some of my books do not have patterns- just photos. 
So if the book has patterns I'll write that it is a pattern book.

 Stories and patterns  $10.00
 Old quilts and patterns. $4.00 SOLD
 Patterns $4.00 SOLD
 Patterns $5.00 SOLD
 Antique quilts for inspiration 1825-1940 No patterns $4.00 SOLD
 By Edie McGinnis and Jan Patek- A BOM: stories and patterns $7.00 SOLD
 Patterns $5.00 SOLD
 OOP Wool Applique patterns $12.00
 By Sandy Gervais- I don't  think I made one pillow out of this book but made many small quilts for primitive exchanges. An oldie, but goodie. patterns $2.00 SOLD
no patterns, but lots of inspiration. by Laura Fisher $5.00
 Inspiration only. no patterns $3.00 SOLD
 patterns $10.00 SOLD
 This doesn't look like a typical quilt I would make, but there are 50 applique block patterns in this book! I just am not using it as much as I thought I would. $5.00 SOLD
Love this and used this for many patterns in my Ohio sampler quilt. Patterns $5.00 SOLD
 Okay, this isn't a book but a lovely pattern by Hoopla recreating a quilt in the Shelburne Museum. I didn't realize how small these applique blocks are. My fingers are too big and clumsy for this. $5.00 SOLD

 This book and the 2 below it are oldies by Cheri Payne. I used all 3 of these books extensively and have exhausted all the patterns- I think I made all of them!
 Liberty Pie is 16 pages with patterns $5.00 SOLD
patterns $5.00 SOLD
Patterns $5.00 SOLD
 Patterns $5.00 SOLD
I have this one already and its a wonderful book by Country Threads! Ideas for making an orphan block quilt.  Patterns $5.00  SOLD


  1. I will take Ohio Sampler and liberty quilts. THANKS lori

  2. Country quilt garden by Cheri Payne please.

  3. I'm interested in Quilts and Stories from the Peace Creek Homestead. Thanks!

  4. I'll take pennies from heaven please! I can get it from you at church sometime.

  5. Crossroads, and Wear it out, Make it do (etc.!)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Sew Many Pillows and Hop to It please.

  8. I would love the calico garden if you send to Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  9. I'm interested in the Calico Garden Pattern. Thank you. Terry

  10. I'm interested in the Coxcomb Variations book. Thanks, Donna

  11. I would love to have family ties and cox comb variations. Thanks

  12. Just wanted to comment that Quilts of Illusion by Laura Fisher is an AWESOME book! Full of inspiration! If you are at all fascinated with what you can do with traditional blocks to create secondary designs/patterns, you will love this book! I won't hold on to all my quilt books, but this is one I would keep for sure.

  13. I'm interested in Through The Camera's Eye!!

  14. I would love to purchase "Celebrate Great Quilts" and "Amish Crib Quilts" if they are still available.

  15. Across the wide Missouri and As the Crow Flies, please!


      Wait til tomorrow's sale to bill me pls.

  16. The Faye Anderson appliques book


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