Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Follies!

Happy December! Wow! I can't believe this year is almost over. 
I got the center star quilted and took some photos so I could have a chat with my friend about possible quilting ideas for the frame. My original thought was to go circular but I was pretty sure marking it accurately would be difficult and it wouldn't look humble, just poorly done. 

I took 2 photos hoping the quilting would show up in at least one photo.  Kathy helped me solidify a decision and you lovely quilters will have to wait to find out what I decided to do. I hope it goes fast so I can wrap up this project before the end of the year.
I basted my antique rose block which we are calling "Rose of Houston 2017" Just in case we decide to make this a yearly event. I love the backing and it will go splendidly with the front. You'll also have to wait to see this one too, since Laurie reads my blog.
Thank you Dotti for the adorable as ever dresses for me to bring to Colombia. They are as cute as ever! If you are wondering, the deadline was the end of November and I have plenty now. Thank you generous quilters! I love you to pieces!!
My Instagram feed for this week. 

Happy December 1st!

Susan R, I received your money for the book. Thank you for the extra- It will go to my mission trip. 

Love to you all! Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh-Oh-Oh my God're so fun with this costume !
    Your star is soo beautiful and I can't wait for the quilting all done ! Congratulations !
    Love love love your fabrics too !

  2. You look great as Santa! :) Was there a special reason you were decked out, or just clowning?
    Your eclipse block is beautiful. The word humble doesn't describe it!

  3. Fun photo of you and beautiful quilting, I am horrible with points.
    Love the new dresses, the ladies are doing some beautiful outfits.


  4. Looking forward to the reveal.

  5. Your center star piecing looks good. You have a lot in the works. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with.

  6. I love your little maileg mouse! Cute!

  7. The Eclipse quilt is beautiful! I'll be interested to see what you did with that antique block, such a fun swap idea.


  8. Love your little mouse! Tabby Hunter, the semi feral cat of our neighborhood went by with a real one in her mouth, nearly white! We are rural, so lots of critters. Yours does not leave little pellets behind though! giggle!


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